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Essay about tomorrow

essay about tomorrow

Soon, the horse fell down; it had become lame. By the time I ended my poem there were no shadows. How could I, a naive and young girl , know that the next year would be long and terrible for me and I would spend it in attempts to essay about tomorrow save my skin from haunting shells, each of which could easily cut my head off? If only the essay would have been about nightmares, I would have plenty of material to choose from. We should, therefore never postpone our assigned tasks. Out of the window, over and over again. His immediate task should have been to stop his journey midway and get the nail fixed up properly. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Postponing an action is like defeating its very purpose or delaying or weakening the results that it is supposed to yield. Then I would choose the worst of those black, cold, wrong and endless days.

Essay on Topic Yesterday, Today and, tomorrow

The palace of my memory was empty, as empty as a moonless night sky. They should keep in mind the golden maxim. Another nail had fallen off. Even the strongest concrete wall, which has been unmovable for centuries, may sway and fall on you some day. The day was sunny and warm. I woke up, turned off the lights, and sat on my chair. M is full of ideas what to propose to such students as you to not leave you without any paper at all. Finally, I understood what irony is all about. This is the bane of students today. The only dream, which was left in my soul, was just about the peace in the world that should never be broken again. I was not deeply worried about the assignments but I noticed I was unconsciously beginning to hurry.

At home, more homework and, naturally, for tomorrow. Spontaneity is essay about tomorrow an important factor to keep life entertaining. I was able to tame such a burst of energy. If you havent had any tremendous events in your life yet, be easy-going about this! I felt the whine as a warning. English_Master December 12, 2015 No Comments. I thought for a while but gathered my thoughts then and started writing I didnt hold a pen in my hand so long that I felt as if I had never been able to string two words together at all. What could I write about? Life is short, live it while you can! And so was that night: silent, lonely, guilty. I realized I was in a really negative mood that day.

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In fact, nobody knows what will happen to him tomorrow, so try not to be so carefree. The priorities were changed. Are you still living as if you had nine lives in stock? I had solved analysis problems, I had read one hundred and fifty pages, and I still had to write a poem about the emptiness of the atom. The candle that had been necessary just some hours ago, was then going to be my special guest. And so it has been that day: gross, miserable. The Miserable, from page 13 to 169. I was filled with strange feelings, though the event changed my life essay had to be started. The palace of my memory was empty, empty as an atom. My family and I were visiting uncle Lazaro that afternoon. Order an essay from m and go for a great author! Instead of enjoying my young life, I spent long months in bomb shelter. Doing homework in the car while my brother sang Merry Christmas was not a very pleasant experience.

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If all of us keep this in essay about tomorrow mind, there would be no delays or hold ups, no bureaucratic red tapism and no hassles in our own or our fellow beings lives. Now, I am not saying that is how we should live every day, but that is how spontaneous I would be if I was going to die tomorrow. Unfortunately, nightmares was not to be the theme of our essay. That time I did as usual: I took a pen, opened my old and shabby notebook, and my intuition told me that I would spend a perfect day face to face with my thoughts. They keep postponing their preparation for the examinations till the last moment.