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Research papers on business strategy

research papers on business strategy

The company has expanded from a single store to research papers on business strategy a series of supercentres and stores around the globe. Major topics here include diversification, acquisitions, and new ventures. Corporate Personnel departments were founded in the late 1950s to coordinate such increasingly specialized functions as benefits, wages, recruitment, and labor-relations. Then an expansion of human capital supply chain will be considered. 1.6 Implications The research will be useful for HR managers of the company in getting a clear view about the practical linkage of HR strategy with the business strategy of an organization. This move of the company has opened up new dimensions for increasing diversity in retail environment. One reason why it can be argued that Microsoft is structured to foster collaboration and innovation is because the company has recently been realigned to focus on one single strategy rather than. The company wants its employees to work hard and never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

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The employees of the company received proper training to adapt the new system and acquired competitive skills to work in an automated environment. It is to be noted that cost is the most important tool that drives any business to success. It has frequently been argued that leveraging the human resources of a firm can result in generating capabilities through which a firm can easily achieve success even in the toughest market conditions. Linking Business strategy with human resource management Semi-structured interviews were conducted for the companys Vice President (HR Director (HR) and Senior Manager (HR). Globalization has brought remarkable developments in the diversity and complexity of international business and multinational enterprises (MNEs). Presently in organizations of USA, the HR function provides essential services to such stakeholders as job applicants, employees, supervisors, middle managers, and executives. Due to their interdependent nature, neither the product/market perspective not the resource perspective is themselves sufficient to determine the long-term competitive development of the firm. Human resource management has been given special consideration in modern world organizations that have moved from the traditional concept of personnel management to the new and dynamic concept of human resource management (HRM). Transferring the resources from one set of business to the others Effective enhancement of the technology Maintain management information system up to date regarding the competitors strategy According to Hill, Jones(2009 Corporate level strategies is to identify the. It may also offer tentative support to a theory. Results Obtained and Interpretation of Results.1 Qualitative Analysis ABC Retail. This move has helped CPK group in strongly motivated employees and thus enjoy high rate of employee retention.

Generally, the other theories of strategic management are based upon factors external to a firm. 3.3 Data Sources Mainly primary data has been used to form the basis of the research. For large organizations, these alliances may require coordination of activities in more than 100 countries and for smaller organizations; the alliances may have to be managed in two or three countries only. HR professionals should bridge the gap between HR and IR (Industrial Relations) Today, manufacturing business units rely on technology such as automation and cellular plant designs. Resource-based theories are based on the assumption that an organization can achieve competitive advantage when it possesses certain specific resources that are relatively immobile. Several threats such as testing, instrumentation, morality, maturation and ambiguity, etc. Traditionally, the role of HR has been focused on ensuring compliance with laws, rules and regulations. As Saunders. 3.6 Research Evaluation Validity As discussed by Saunders (2000 validity refers to the reality of the findings.

It was acceptable in this more pluristic model for commitment from employees to be conditional. For example, one can study the impact of culture on eating behaviour in a particular city on the basis of theoretical underpinnings. A strategy focused on region and customer has proved to be useful for the company making it possible to achieve a competitive advantage in the industry. A step was initiated where a key senior executive approach a new entrant in order to make him comfortable with the workplace, and make him/her feel valued and get his/her views on the effectiveness of the initiatives undertaken. If these errors are recognized at right time, these can be avoided to a great extent.

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Corporate strategy defines the market and also develop the strategy of diversification in new product or in a new geographical area whereas at the business level defines how to navigate in that market and create the strategy to secure the. The new industrial policy is giving firms in such countries the support to make bold moves that will catapult industries to the position of global giants. In case of service organizations, workforce is becoming more and more professional despite of a repetitive kind of work (as in case of call centers). HR strategy implementation should understand business, its mission tangible and intangible assets used to generate values and values and ethics in management. Proper plans will be laid out to manage and measure the integration, retention and leverage of human capital in case of expansion of the companys business in any new region. An organization can be confident that its strategy has resulted in one or more useful competitive advantages only after competitors efforts to duplicate its strategy have ceased or failed.

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They achieve their purposes by engaging in transactions of various kinds with the outside world. One key idea in the shrm literature is its analysis and treatment of causality and responsibility-of the nature of relationships between key elements or levels of the approach: environment, organization, individual. It is always advised to use inductive method when a small sample of subjects are to be analyzed. 2.12 HR Policies during Economic Downturn This research focuses mainly on the HR policies followed by companies during the challenging times of economic downturn and the alignment of such policies with the corporate and business strategies during such tough times. The company right from its inception has been successful in creating a culture within the organization, which is customer centric and is replicated across locations. Followed at the company that needs to be uniform throughout the business units. Additionally, proper care is taken to provide ample space for research papers on business strategy parking as it is one of the key deciding factor that customers consider while preferring a store for shopping. May prove to be harmful for a research.

Chapter 6: Summary and Conclusions discusses certain recommendations made for HR managers. There has been a remarkable reduction in trade barriers that facilitates easy flow of goods and services across national borders. The HR functions role is currently one of providing people, training, and isolated HR efforts after others have formulated organizational strategy and have initiated operational implementation. The results obtained from the semi-structured interviews conducted for HR personnel of ABC retail on the issue of layoffs and other policies to reduce cost in such a crisis reveals that ABC retail has adopted the route of downsizing. Such an environment facilitated efficient channelization of energy and ideas as there is free research papers on business strategy and transparent communication prevailing among the individuals. However, it si difficult and challenging to navigate the workforce, there is a need that the step is initiated with proper care and planning so that a positive message is send to retained employees. With the personnel-planning concept of personnel being adapted to strategy, it is assumed that the human potential needed for the successful implementation of strategy can be procured, at least in the short term. This is the concept that is best suited to the organizations that are termed as knowledge-intensive and dependent upon the efficient transfer of knowledge and information throughout the organization. Thus, employers can very well make use of economic downturn for sharpening the skills of employees that prepares them for recovery. Corporate strategies are made to provide a stable working environment to the organization so that it can achieve goal of the organization whereas business strategy are adapted due to the change in the environment. The concept and procedures to be followed under spiral dynamics was communicated to staff through various workshops and awareness sessions. Research Design.1 Research Approach.2 Research Strategy.3 Data Sources.5 Target Population.6 Research Evaluation This chapter deals with how this research has been conducted.

Ultimately, severance pay and the implementation of other best practices should be evaluated as a cost-benefit issue does the expense (or investment) provide a good return? Involuntary layoffs could be damaging to the goodwill and image of the company and thus it adopted the route of transferring its employees from one business to other locations. As argued by Edwards and Wright (2001) the one line causation to strategic human resource management (shrm) being a driver to performance is unsatisfactory. With the help of various leadership processes, ASC was able to identify several international leaders who joined the company as local leaders. Successful organizations have superior resources and manage them well. In the year 2005, CPK group opened its training centre at its headquarters in Tokyo where future trainers from the companys European plants research papers on business strategy are getting training on production and maintenance skills. Purcell reported that the in organizations researched by him, there was a strong evidence of the existence of a Big Idea or mission/culture/values articulation, which is embedded and interconnected, and which is linked with a means to measure and integrate. Several recent studies have confirmed that along with providing a competitive advantage, an efficient management and alignment of human resource management with overall corporate strategy results in better quality and innovation of HR practices and have a significant impact on business results.