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Arranged marriage pros and cons essay

arranged marriage pros and cons essay

As a member of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community, her marriage had been arranged for her. However, that is not to say that all arranged marriages are bad at all. Second , the pictures may be misleading at times, and so can the letters. In Picture Brides, however, the couple cant see each other face to face, so it is difficult to tell whether the marriage might be happy and successful or not. Since arranged marriages are considered a sacred tradition, it can be a very sensitive subject for some people. She began to wonder, Why now? 4 pages, 1638 words, the Essay on Picture Bride. And example of this was when the American woman asked Riyo how her arranged marriage was, and Kana answered quickly for her;. But even with cases like Fraidys increasing these days, the tradition of arranged marriages is still in place. This is especially true in an arranged marriage situation.

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According to researches, most arranged marriage couples typically file a divorce since they notice that they are not meant with each other and misunderstanding is typically their major problem. Some arranged marriages can be arranged at anytime, even while they are still children! What followed was a communication between the parents and when they liked everything, Ankur flew from the US to meet his future bride. This is because in arranged brides the couple actually gets to see each other before they marry, and perhaps engage in some conversation. Our goal at Green Garage is to publish the most in depth content on the internet for every topic we write about.

You are not allowed to date or attempt to meet anyone else because you husband or wife has already been chosen for you. Both families of arranged marriage will provide family support for both couples to start their future life easier. And in some cases, arranged marriages of children often end up in the child suffering at the hands of their spouse. Usually this would occur between a man in America and a woman in Japan. This means that the two families will get along, relieving the worry that your parents may not like the spouse that you have chosen. The ideal age for a woman to be married off is 25 while for a man it. An arranged marriage is one where the families have pre decided on a spouse for the child. People have the right to choose whom they love and want to spend the rest of their life with. But the marriage lasted for 12 years and resulted in two daughters.

So they choose to live in a dysfunctional marriage instead rather than face the consequence of divorce. Besides, how can you really gauge a persons behavior in just a few weeks or even just a few hours? It is a highly traditional practice in many Indian and Asian cultures, and has been practiced for centuries. So, after an engagement that lasted a month and a half, Ankur and Sandhya got married. This could sentence a person to a life of misery with someone that they do not like or agree with. However, those years were filled with days when her husband would detail how he was going to kill her. This way, they can make sure that the arrange marriage couples will have a lasting relationship and financial security. Its A Family Affair, the families of the spouses are deeply involved in the process of choosing a partner for their family member. But there are stories like those of Fraidy Reiss which was a whole lot different. The Pros of Arrange Marriage, here are some of the advantages of arrange marriage:. I feel that the picture brides are the most strangest. Better Future, the love that is present for those couples who are engaged in arrange marriage will grow stronger. This is basically a form of slavery and an exploitation that greatly damages lives.

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Ankur, on the other hand, said that Theres no pressure on you that you have to dateTheres no worry arranged marriage pros and cons essay that Im going to end up alone! A Loss of Experience. Normal marriages offer its own advantages and disadvantages. Both didnt feel it strange to start a relationship in such manner. On the other hand, lower divorce rates in the world are from cultures with high rates of arranged marriages such as the Amish of the US, Hindus of India and the Ultra-Orthodox Jews of Israel. When you are involved in an arranged marriage, it is typically arranged when you are very young. Then again, she has also never heard them threaten divorce. When she was 24, she noticed that her parents had somehow become closer. My parents, in contrast, were remarkably solid, a well-thought-through match of religion, goals, and socioeconomic standing, clearly in it for the long haul. Who said all that hugging and kissing was a good thing? It does have its advantages over regular marriages, however. Her mothers cousin was the one who arranged the union.

They met when the parents of Sandhya placed a newspaper ad looking for potential husbands for their child. If you are planning to engage with an arranged marriage, read and understand first the pros and cons that are being associated with it before attempting to deal with the said matter. Why this sudden attraction to someone who had been there the whole time? Understand Expectations, what is expected of each person is made clear from the get. That meeting lasted for about 15 minutes and when Ankur returned home and told his parents he wanted to marry Sandhya. Arranged marriages are usually made between wealthier families or family friends to secure their children's future(it's more of a financial matter but since you can't choose who you want to marry, you can never be sure you would find. Picture brides are similar to Online dating however, in which digital photos and email are exchanged as well (Although Picture Brides are more safer)! Freedom of choice was not something that some Japanese immigrants in America had during the early 1900s, and they would have to handle the outlawing of Japanese marriages with whites, restrictions on Asian immigration, The harsh truths of racism. It can still lead to divorce. Divorce is a word that is very frowned upon in most cultures, especially in a situation with an arranged marriage.

Third, you can spend as much time with the person as youd want and be able to marry at any desireable time, although much preperation and time must still be done. And for Mira, she has never seen her parents look into each other so dreamily. The Love Comes, according to a research, the arranged marriage couples will love each other as the time goes by and their love for each other will be more stronger. Her husband, Ankur, lived in America and she lived in India. With arranged marriages, that stress is never there, because they know that they are ensured someone to live their life with.

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The story of Ankur and Sandhya is just one of the many arranged marriages that worked. Arranged marriages are highly traditional practices where a family chooses a spouse for their child, sometimes before they are even born. Lastly, the marriage is started out entirely by love and commitment, which will let you know for sure that you want to marry this person. A Higher Chance of Divorce. It would give the woman an opportunity to visit America, carrying only a picture in her hand. The majority of arranged marriages are forced, which means that you can not object. Fraidy was married when she was 19 years old to an abusive husband. With their new life in Hawaii. This would occur since some states in the US outlaw marriages between White and Japanese people.

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Apparently, this is mostly true of arranged marriages. Its like discovering each other, so to speak. So the other person is scrutinized through the eyes of these people everything from their behavior, past history and the mutual compatibility between the couple is observed. And in an essay in Time, Aziz told of how his father chose a bride in less than an hour and decades later, they are still together. One, is that you wont be needing the approval of your parents before you marry, becuase they are the ones who select it for you, so they have your utmost support. But it wasnt just a fluke, it continued. Arranged marriages doesnt only occur that way, becuase a lot of arranged marriages can be found throughout the world, many of them being traditional to their cultures. The courtship didnt even take that long. This takes alot of the guess work out of the relationship, because each knows the expectations for the other. Important Facts About Arranged Marriage 90 of the marriages that take place in India are arranged marriages. She filed for divorce and left the religion because as she put it Id already lost my entire family. Some arranged marriages are done strictly for business purposes only, however.

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Many of the people who are married through arranged marriages do not begin their married life loving their partner, but this changes. It removes the anxiety of finding the right person. Ensures A Future, the stress and pressure of finding someone to settle down arranged marriage pros and cons essay and live your life with is overwhelming for many people, and this pressure grows with each passing day. Miras father believes that when you dont have passionate feelings to glaze over your partners flaws in early marriage, you are less likely to be undone by inevitable disappointments later. Too many of my friends once-affectionate parents were splitting.

There are supporters of it, and there are those who oppose it as well. The only way away from this person is through divorce, which usually ends in burnt bridges with family members and an isolation from the community. For one, Sandhyas parents were married the same way and so were her cousins. She then left her husband but her family shunned her. First of all, you never actually meet up face to face with the person you are going to marry in a picture bride. Aziz Ansari is another celebrity whose parents were brought together through an arranged marriage. In order to gain a better perspective on what arranged marriages have to offer the people and families involved lets break down the good and bad. A woman knows if her husband expects her to know how to cook, or if he expects her to be a working woman. They would only exchange pictures and letters to one another.