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Dengue awareness short essay

dengue awareness short essay

There is no specific treatment for dengue fever. Recognition of the dengue fever rash permits a rapid and early diagnosis, which is critical as dengue fever can progress to life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome, which is fatal and obviously can cause death schubert essay to the victim. Frankly, I am honour to be entrusted to deliver a speech to you on the topic. History and prevalence of dengue in different countries, symptoms, causes, treatment, conclusion. The dry spells reduce small medium bodies of water like springs and ponds to small puddles that become potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Include your thesis at the end of your introductory paragraph. Showed next 250 characters If you cannot find any suitable paper on our site, which happens very rarely, you can always order custom written paper which will be written from scratch by our professional writers and deliver to you on requested time.

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Outline your essay Write your essay Edit your essay for content, organization, spelling, and grammar Lets break each of these steps down. In your essays on dengue fever, you should note that the diagnosis of the disease is made clinically in most cases. Essays are the most common academic paper, and although they may seem easy to write, they take a lot of time and practice. The terms are defined both conceptually and operationally. Only female mosquitoes are carriers of dengue fever. It is common in warm, wet areas in the world. Dengue fever is a serious and infectious disease spread by certain mosquitoes. It is utmost important to change water in the vases and tubs at least once a week -use mosquito repellents when necessary while following the instructions on the label. There is no significant difference in the preventive practices towards dengue fever of students when grouped according to age, gender, year level, and socio-economic status. In this study, the Dumalag Central National High School students represented as respondents of the study. These forms of dengue are life-threatening (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, 2007).

Army promotion board essay uk Army promotion board essay. Chapter 2, review of Related Literatures, chapter Two includes seven parts: (1) Knowledge and Practices Regarding. What are the preventive practices of high school students toward dengue fever? You should start by writing the thesis at the top and then writing a topic sentence for each paragraph. It is very common today and people do not even know how to prevent. Dengue fever is transmitted by the. Scientists are also trying to invent a vaccine against dengue fever, but the research is only in the experimental stage now. Mosquitoes must have water in which to lay their eggs and develop into adults. The first registered epidemic of dengue fever happened in across Asia, Africa, and North America. A global pandemic of dengue fever began in Southeast Asia after World War. There is no specific treatment for dengue fever. Thus, if a person has the above-described symptoms, he/she must go to the hospital immediately. Definition of Terms, for the purpose of clarity and better understanding, the following terms were defined conceptually and operationally: Dengue Fever is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus and transmitted by the bite of the Aedes.

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There are five major types of essays: Narrative essays: Tell a story or impart information in an orderly manner. Essay on religious views simple essay on hospital moon 15th amendment essay failure short essay about holiday korea vietnamese food essay allergy. They are a severe headache, pain in the dengue awareness short essay muscles and joints, and a rash that can be described as small red spots. In the event a breeding source is found, the owner must treat the problem and take steps to prevent the recurrence of breeding. Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome occur in over 100 countries, with more than.5 billion people at risk and an estimated 50 million infections per year (World Health Organization, 2002).

It specifies the hypothesis to be tested in the study. Most people with dengue recover with in two weeks. By reducing the number of breeding sources, we can reduce the number of mosquitoes and cases of mosquito-borne disease. Sometimes dengue turns into dengue hemorrhagic fever, which causes bleeding from your nose, gums or under your skin. Public and private principals may dengue awareness short essay benefit from this study for its significant results may alert them for such illness. During this stage, also revise your essay for technical errors. Delimitation of the Study. Is there a significant difference in the knowledge towards dengue fever of students when grouped according to age, gender, year level, and socio-economic status? To describe the data that were gathered, the mean and standard deviation were use for descriptive analysis. Interestingly, in our study coconut shells were mentioned by roughly half of the respondents as important source for mosquito breeding, whereas they only accounted for.2 of breeding containers in the entomologic survey. All statistical computations were computer-process using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (spss) Software.

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In the view of the preceding problems, the following hypotheses were formulated:. WHO stated that the burden of dengue has grown dramatically in recent decades, and it is currently classified as an emerging or re-emerging infectious disease. Thus, the symptoms should dengue awareness short essay definitely be presented in your essay on dengue fever. Infected mosquitoes pass on the dengue fever virus for the rest of their lives. What could the main purpose of such an essay be? A very good morning to the principal,. In this way, we obtained a robust picture of the various relations between knowledge, practices, and vector populations (Tuiten. Some patients experience gastritis, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. if you have a bird bath, fountain, wading pool, or plant trays, it is a good idea to change the water at least once a week -make sure that there are no containers that can collect water left lying around your garden. Writing your essay Start writing from the outline itself. Write the conclusion to provide reinforcement of your thesis.

The disease occurs in both epidemic and sporadic form in warm climates (Brueschke, dengue awareness short essay 1988). Consistent with our results, however, were studies in Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Trinidad en Tobago that found little or no correlation between knowledge of dengue and levels of Aedes aegypti abundance as measured by larval surveys (Tuiten. Be sure to keep swimming pools clean and chlorinated. We will write a custom essay specifically for you for only.05 11/page, learn more, here are some hints on writing essays on dengue fever (for expert help with your essays in any subject, just look over here ). Although the level of dengue knowledge was high in Kamphaeng Phet Province, Thailand, we found only little evidence that this knowledge was put into practice. No doubt, if you work hard, you will succeed in essay writing and get the good grades you deserve. Aedes aegypti mosquito, which also transmits such diseases as Chikungunya and yellow fever. This study is anchored in Morels theory stating that the need for a thorough understanding of behaviors related to management of the larval habitats of the main dengue vector, as well as treatment-seeking behavior, are very crucial.

Essay about shopping habits healthy Essay about shopping habits healthy essay on mumbai metro kandivali essay for boyfriend dog phd nursing essay my favourite entrepreneur essay diwali kannada essays app status songs. Thank you for being a wonderful audience and I hope to share more of my thoughts with you in the near future. Usually, the main goal of writing an essay on dengue fever to tell about the ways to prevent this disease and to introduce some new methods of treatment. Feel free to move supporting facts around and change your outline until you have a clear and strong organization. Nowadays, the most reliable method is to control the mosquitoes that transmit the disease. Remember to stock ornamental pools with goldfish because they eat mosquito larvae on the waters surface. remember to stock ornamental pools with goldfish because they eat mosquito larvae on the waters surface. A few investigators used a score to measure overall dengue knowledge. Check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. In this study, dengue fever was the main topic where the researcher measured the knowledge and preventive practices of high school students.

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You cannot write your essay unless you have a good idea of what to write about. On the other hand, you are encouraged to be extra careful with the situations outside the house. So, these are the main points that necessarily should be introduced in essays on dengue fever. Reviewing and editing your essay Read your essay on dengue fever again to see if it makes sense. The data needed for this investigation were gathered through the use of a researcher-made questionnaire- Knowledge Questionnaire and Preventive Practices Questionnaire. This may be explained by the fact that coconut shells received relatively much attention in recent education campaigns in Kamphaeng Phet Province. Learning to write good essays takes time and experience. by reducing the number of breeding sources, we dengue awareness short essay can reduce the number of mosquitoes and cases of mosquito-borne disease. Knowledge of measures to prevent dengue was similar compared with the other Thai studies (Tuiten. Chapter One is divided into five parts: (1) Background and Theoretical Framework of the Study, (2) Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis, (3) Significance of the Study, (4) Definition of Terms, and (5) Delimitation of the Study. If you need writing help, our free tips will help you to get through any kind of essay.

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This study focused on the age, gender, year level, and socio-economic status as the independent variables; and knowledge and preventive practices as the dependent variables. takes seven to ten days from the time a mosquito lays her eggs, until 100 to 400 larvae or wrigglers begin their life, possibly in your backyard. This could indicate that people are not always able to distinguish dengue infection from other diseases. The principals may impose programs that would prevent dengue from affecting their students and their faculty. Brainstorming Its a simple fact. The subjects of this study were the 212 high school students of Dumalag Central National High School. Adidas shoes essay new narrative essay best friend relationship essay on unplanned tourism expository essay on homelessness war pigeon essay in marathi urja essay on entertainment library mit essays 2019 essay studying abroad essay disadvantages aristotle virtue theory essay neo-aristotelian. In cases when a patient is suspected to have melena, which is a sign of inner gastrointestinal bleeding, platelet transfusion may be necessary. One should keep in mind that the most effective control measure should be compatible with water use practices. use Abate or larvicide to kill mosquitoes and destroy the larva. Between 20, the first dengue vaccine was licensed in several countries.

It can also become dengue shock syndrome, which causes massive bleeding and shock. After you have a long list of ideas, choose the best or most interesting one. For inferential analysis, t-test and One-Way anova were use. Conversely, better container management practice did have a considerable impact on Aedes aegypti populations. Use these tips to write a great essay about dengue fever that will impress your readers. Short essay about holiday korea, short essay about holiday korea essay on profession quality frankenstein sublime nature essay pdf paper owl essay nautilus vidya ka mahatva essay yoga mit essays 2019 essay why law essay journalism. During the brainstorming phase, think of as many ideas as you can, writing down anything that comes to mind. Once you have decided what kind of essay you are going to write, you can structure your essay in the best possible way. The result of the study yielded significant information on the knowledge and preventive practices towards dengue fever.

Some studies have shown that dengue knowledge was associated with an increased use of preventive measures against the disease and a reduced number of development sites for vector larvae. So, you have to write an essay on dengue fever. The urban areas of many developed countries like Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and India are also vulnerable to this disease. What is the level of knowledge of high school students toward dengue fever? Global health issues essay five, global health issues essay five, inspiration for dissertation library, the horse essay english 15th amendment essay failure yale mba essay nus army promotion board essay uk essay on maru gujarat rrb bangladesh essay in bengali. Make sure everything you have written flows together. Factors affecting the knowledge and preventive practices towards dengue fever among high school students. Dengue fever is a potentially lethal disease that affects 50 million people a year. Part from that, you can put some salt into the containers holding water as it prevents mosquitoes from breeding. We will write a custom essay. Specifically, this study seeks answers to the following questions:. Nowadays, this disease can be found in the tropics and Africa.

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Researching Doing research is an important step if you want to write an interesting essay about dengue fever. Philosophy essay about life real ideal self essay korean essay on disability terrorism sharp army essay woft essay on poetry happiness i like sports essay xenophobia australian drama essay movement mystery story essay on friendship barnard transfer essay app simple. In addition, ensure that the drains and gutters are not clogged and clean. Outbreaks occur in dengue awareness short essay the rainy season. Local Government Units may also benefit from this study for they will know what preventive practices are done by high school students in their area. If you have never written an English essay before, or if you just want to improve your essay writing skills, you should go through several steps in a dengue fever essay writing process. Gan, the senior assistant, Mrs. Get your custom paper now to secure yourself an excellent grade). Student is one who attends an educational institution of secondary or higher levels (Good, 1959). Expository essays : Explain to your reader how to do some process. Knowledge of symptoms, development sites, and preventive measures were included as independent variables in our statistical analyses. Short essay about holiday korea Short essay about holiday korea aringo wharton essay june my dream husband essay profession my daydream essay reed, my day yesterday essay keller apology essay for stealing proper waste disposal essay words essay about business. First and foremost, you are advised to use Abate or larvicide to kill mosquitoes and destroy the larva.

Include your thesis at the end of your introductory paragraph. Fill in facts from your research under each paragraph. Is there a significant difference in the preventive practices towards dengue fever of students when grouped according to age, gender, year level, and socio-economic status? Descriptive essays : Focus on describing the details of what is going. Revise it for clarity, consistency, and structure. If not in use, keep empty and covered. Medical doctors may benefit from this study when they will be having a high school student as a patient affected by dengue fever. the size of the container of water doesnt matter, as mosquito larvae and pupa are small.

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The treatment is mostly based on a supportive therapy. Only knowledge of preventive measures had a significant and beneficial effect on container protection practice. Make sure that there are no containers that can collect water left lying around your garden. The objective of this study was to determine the knowledge and preventive practices towards dengue fever among Dumalag Central National High School students. Our custom written essays are well structured, professional, and cover the material in-depth. Life journey essay nephron our heritage essay future. Brainstorm your essay topic, do thorough research, develop a strong thesis. A very good morning to the principal,. Gan, the senior assistant, Mrs. Lim, respected teachers and fellow friends. I am grateful for your presence and I am extremely delighted dengue awareness short essay with this valuable opportunity to meet you all in this great morning.

Health Awareness Of Rural Secondary School Children In Bangladesh. Essay writing is an integral part of school and college life. Lesser-known poets such as Thylias Moss also have been praised for their innovative work. The best foundation for protecting against internet threats is educating your children and establishing comfortable communication with them fulfilled with trust and understanding, so they are willing to talk about what is going on in their lives. Interview conducted by Ben Tate, Director of Subsidiary Rights, Princeton University Press Frankfurt, Harry.