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Dussehra essay in 500 words

dussehra essay in 500 words

The event began with a prayer followed by exhortation from our Principal, Mrs. Projected the theme - Seasons by displaying the different seasons in each classroom - Summer, Winter and Monsoon. On day two, soon after breakfast students and teachers went trekking to the Kalsubai peak which is the highest peak of the Sahyadri Ranges. Further, it provoked the reinterpretation of Indian history in racialist and, in opposition, Indian Nationalist terms, 80 81 and in following a special interpretation of Max M?ller 's identification of "Aryan" as a national name this gave rise recently among Hindu. By exchanging perspective, students will build dussehra essay in 500 words an understanding of global issues and local cultures. The tour of the campus started with a visit to the aftt (Air Force Test Team) followed by the famous 'Habibullah Hall' and the last stop was 'Cadet's Mess' which can house more than 2100 cadets at a time. The class was divided into three groups- Bookworms Tech Savvy and the Intellectuals. Usha Pandit attended BY:. D in Commerce (Intellectual Property Rights) Highlights :The students were introduced to the concept of ownership of non-tangible assets and terms like IPR, Patent, Copyright and Trademark.

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The entire troupe displayed a beautiful lotus formation bordered by waves. Stanes have been conducting lessons for the young children of the Mobile Creche at Hiranandani, Powai on the weekends. The highlights of the meet was a torch run by the achievers of Sport: Apeksha Fernandes(7c Alisha Dhanasingh(7c Salonee Dey(7A Lisa Kullu(9A). They were asked to prepare a brochure on any one tourist spot (in Mumbai) of their choice, boasting of the history and importance of that place. A video was shown that focused on water scarcity worldwide; followed by a personification of water showcasing the austerities of this precious resource. Environment (science cost effectiveness (math technology and design (innovation and engineering). Field Trip Grade: 4 Date:.8.18 Venue: Bhavan's Nature Park, Andheri (West) Highlights: Students were introduced to the process of Vermi composting and shown various types of ant hills such as the pagoda ant nest. As is also the case for all other Old Iranian language usage, the arya of the inscription does not signify anything but " Iranian ". To download the pictures please click below: Download - Planets - Grade 6 The students were divided into groups and each group was given printed dussehra essay in 500 words resources related to planets followed by a questionnaire. The cartons were collected a week prior to the day of activity. Dum?zil, Brussels, 1960 a b c Szemer?nyi, Oswald (1977 "Studies in the Kinship Terminology of the Indo-European Languages Acta Iranica III.16, Leiden: Brill pp 125146 a b c d e f Bailey, Harold Walter (1989 "Arya Encyclopaedia Iranica, 2, New. Students Workshop: - Grades 9 and 10 attended a workshop on coping with Peer Pressure on 24th July 2017. The UN Women (UNW).

English Literature: Video Comprehension Date / Week:.8.18 Grade: 3 5 Highlights: The students of Grades 3 and 5 watched videos (Robinhood Room. The event offered a unique opportunity for both the staff and students to share an audio-visual and verbal presentation of current classroom activities and innovative teaching methodologies with the parents. Learning by Doing- Science Date:.2.19 Grade: 6C Highlights: The students created simple machines like lever, pulley and inclined plane out of recycled materials and made it work. The students introduced the concept of advertising through enactments of various common ads. Wells, 91 92 such as the science fiction author Poul Anderson, 93 and scientists writing for the popular media, such as Colin Renfrew. Ashok Deshpande Highlights: The Interact Club for the year 2018-19 was formally started with the installation of the new office bearers for the year 2018-19. Grade 10 hosted Lens It on the theme 'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan' - They focused on the views, feelings and opinions of both farmers and soldiers, while also reflecting on their present day problems and seeking solutions to the same. Gardens on every floor - to keep the lower floors cool -A policy of no paper cups/ tissue paper- to reduce dry waste.

For example, Adolf Hitler and many Nazi officials had dark hair and were still considered members of the Aryan race under Nazi racial doctrine, because the determination of an individual's racial type depended on a preponderance dussehra essay in 500 words of many characteristics. All we prayed for, at that moment was the quick recovery of those adorable children. To download the pictures please click below: Download A workshop was conducted by the Department of Police, Mumbai for the students of grades 8 and 9 on citizen awareness. They will learn about nutrition and food access and their influence on public health, and discover the complex systems needed to grow and distribute food to the world. Seena Desai and. They were shown the difference between private and personal information and how to be cautious while sharing such information. While students were encouraged to introspect their own online behaviour, students were taught to be judicious in sharing personal information on social media platforms. A water audit undertaken by the team in the first week of December brought to light the wastage of water in school, further driving home the point that saving water was both an individual responsibility as well as a group effort. Pictures - Lens It by Grade: 8C Date: 28th February, 2019 Topic: Mental Health: Related stigma-Rethinking concepts and interventions Highlight: The act involved an introduction with a skit showcasing the difference between physical and mental health, how mental illnesses.

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Amey Agarwal fdisec: Best Delegate: Arjun Virani Outstanding Delegate: Dhruv Arya Honourable Mention:. They were dressed in different coloured clothes, Green, white and blue. It was a lovely colourful activity which the children had fun doing. World Tourism Day - Grade: 5 Date / Week:.9.18 Highlights: In order to celebrate the World Tourism Day, dussehra essay in 500 words students of Grade 5 designed a travel brochure of a tourist place of their choice. The students were thrilled to hear the sounds they made. But "the antecedents of present-day Iranian ultra-nationalism can be traced back to the writings of late nineteenth-century figures such as Mirza Fatali Akhundov and Mirza Aqa Khan Kermani.

2 17 Initially the term was used as a national name to designate those who worshipped the Vedic deities (especially Indra ) and followed Vedic culture (e.g. While in Anatolia, the base word has come to emphasize personal relationship, in Indo-Iranian the word has taken a more ethnic meaning. To download the Annual Prize Day pictures please click below: Download - school anniversary The School's Twentieth Anniversary was celebrated on Thursday, 22nd June 2017. Music Fest - 'Rhapsody of Rock' Date: 10th August, 2018 Grade: 5 to 10 Highlights: This was the second year of 'Rhapsody of Rock'. Problem statements were made and children were probed with questions so as to check their alertness and awareness on certain issues. This concept was brought out through the story of a deer, trapped in a hunter's net and was rescued by a nest of mice. Also the fact that dussehra essay in 500 words the progress of a nation doesn't just entail its economic progress but social, political and health are also some of the parameters that need to be taken in to consideration. Students enjoyed a game on personality development in which they experienced the importance of teamwork, trust and concentration, after which they attended a small session on pet care.

The school alumni challenged the schools winning team to a tug of war. Everyone in School was given a chocolate to mark the happy occasion. Leadership training, Design thinking and Smart Spaces (Students enrichment program) Date : dussehra essay in 500 words 3rd August 2018 Grade : 10 Resource Person : Leadership Training - Prof. They were filled with awe looking at the different variety of colourful birds and fish. 73 Hinduism edit " O my Lord, a person who is chanting Your holy name, although born of a low family like that of a Chandala, is situated on the highest platform of self-realization. The students were graded on various criteria and those who did exceptionally well were tagged as the 'Youreka Champs'. The school reiterated the guidelines, rules and regulations to be followed by the students. Mallory and Douglas. They learnt to make observations and take accurate readings using ruler. This was followed by theme race.

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Highlights: Children wore animal/bird face masks and spoke about their favourite dussehra essay in 500 words animal/bird with interest and enthusiasm. Scenes like shutting the tap in the washrooms, using less water while washing vessels and brushing teeth were enacted. Trekking further the children found the Burma Bridge- a rope walking activity for the thrill seekers. 24th -26th September 2014 (Wed-Fri) - Project Trip to Nasik (Class 9) 25th September 2014 - Thursday - Inter House Elocution Competition in English for Seniors 25th September 2014 - Thursday - Inter House Table Tennis Tournament (Classes. On 14th August 2017.

We ended our tour on a sweet note with a visit to the Maganlal Chikki factory. 'Selfie deaths' was a topic handled sensitively by the students. The committees had Rapporteurs who assisted the Chairs. The students were also demonstrated how to distinguish between comfortable and uncomfortable interaction and ways of staying secure. Note 1, the term was used by the. Mon, 27th June to Fri, 19th August 2016 - First Mid Term Assessment (Classes 6-8) Wednesday, 22nd June 2016 - School Anniversary Friday, 17th June 2016 - School Commences (Jr. The message centered around the thought 'A good leader may be far from being perfect but perfection is always what he strives for'. To download the pictures please click below: Download - Naming Words - Grade 1 Children brought different pictures of person, place, animal and thing according to their roll number. The enactment of skit sent a message that "Parents are best judges and best teachers and obeying them is important. The traditional inter-house matches usually played on this day ended with the following results: Senior Girls: Basketball: Catherine (Red House) Senior Boys: Football: MacGregor (Blue House) To download the Investiture Ceremony pictures please click below: Download - investiture ceremony. As part of the activity they wore their accessories, had a class race and stylishly posed for photographs. Kg The children made sandwiches with the ingredients that they brought from home.

A debate was presented on the advantages and disadvantages of the use of gadgets. The day began with a prayer service for Grades 1-10 led dussehra essay in 500 words by the Principal and Coordinators. Students learnt road safety rules through role play. Both grades of KG enjoyed a School Tour where they were taken around various school facilities like, Labs, the School Garden, etc., They also visited various offices and interacted with the Staff about the work done by them. They returned to school.15.m. Wells describes the origin of the Aryans (Proto-Indo Europeans See the Poul Anderson short stories in the 1964 collection Time and Stars and the Polesotechnic League stories featuring Nicholas van Rijn Renfrew, Colin. Highlights: Students brought winter wear and accessories such as mufflers, gloves, ear muffs to discuss the winter season. Event: Kite Making Date:.01.19 Grade: 1 Highlights: Kite flying was celebrated on 15th January 2019.

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Brochure is a tangible marketing tool so it is important that a lot of fact-finding be done for what is being communicated. The students checked the pulse rate and heartbeat in pairs. Every child was offered a chocolate for Children's Day. Pictures - Change of Guard Date: 28th January 2019 The outgoing Student Council Members handed over the charge of their responsibilities to the newly elected Student Council 2019-20. There were role plays and recitations, sociograms and collaborations, a forensic murder scene that required a thorough knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, mathematical concepts that are a part of everyday lives All students, some as young. 86 Gordon Childe would later regret it, but the depiction of Aryans as possessors of a "superior language" became a matter of national pride in learned circles of Germany (portrayed against the background that World War I was lost. This is also true with Famous Personalities. General Science- Checklist of Do's Don'ts of Personal Community Hygiene Date:.8.18 Grade: 6 Highlights: The students prepared a do's don'ts personal and community cleanliness (in groups) as part of the activity conducted after the flip teaching. Besides these, there were daily team building games. annual concert FOR PRE-primary section Date : 10th April, 2018 Theme: Willy Wonka and the Chocolatiers Venue: Basement Highlights: The tiny Scots go on a sugar rush of an adventure filled with important life lessons covered in delicious chocolate. Date :.11.18 Grade: 3 Highlights: The students put objects of different shapes,sizes and materials in water and observed which objects float and which ones sink. Kaur League of Nations: Chair: Devak Bhardwaj Co-Chair: Ojus Sharma Rapporteur: Ananya Singh ecosoc: Chair : Ishita Pradeep Co-Chair :Manya Sharma Rapporteur: Mehul Basu fdisec: Chair: Shaan Bhatt Co-Chair: Aryan Khandelwal Rapporteur: Shreya Ompreeti Head of Journalism: Ira Srivastava Head of Photography.

They had a short exercise on meditation and introspection and the students dussehra essay in 500 words could experience for themselves the calmness it brought to their minds. They drew their family in it and made it look like a home. The students conducted math classes for students of different grades teaching them concepts like quadrilaterals, place value, graphs, angles, circles etc. All the athletes having won in various categories marched with their heads held high in pride. Field trip for Grade: 7 Date:.8.18 Grade: 7 Venue: Nehru Science Centre Highlights: The activity centered trip was based on the following subjects- Geography, Mathematics, Biology and Physics. The original meaning in Proto-Indo-European had a clear emphasis on the "in-group status" as distinguished from that of outsiders, particularly those captured and incorporated into the group as slaves. The students played many interactive games with the children to help them learn lessons ranging from the Alphabet, to identification of colors and basic Math. Three students from each section were chosen for the final round. There were questions like 'Why do you use social media?' and 'How many hours per day do you use social media?' The next segment showed a panel comprising a statistician who interpreted the graphical representation of statistical data collected.

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Highlights: Children of turned into chefs as they decorated doughnuts with melted chocolate, glazed red cherries, tutti frutti and colourful sprinklers. The name for the Sassanian Empire in Middle Persian is Eran Shahr which means Aryan Empire. Students thoroughly enjoyed outdoor activities such as Zip Line, Rappelling, Horse Riding, Land and Aqua Zorbing, Bubble Soccer, Double Seater Tandem Cycling, High Rope Challenge, Rodeo, Rocket Ejector, Dog Walk, Bungee Trampoline. Students from Grades 5 to 10 are encouraged to form bands and display their musical prowess without inhibitions and fear. They also brought cooked vegetables and shared it with their friends. Grade 8B highlighted on how nationwide or statewide protests affect the country's economy.

Our experts create writing masterpieces that earn our customers not only high grades but also a solid reputation from demanding professors. Leopold, Joan (July 1974 "British Applications of the Aryan Theory of Race to India, The English Historical Review, 89 (352 578603, jstor 567427. To download the pictures please click below: Download - field trips AND excursions As part of the Navy Week 2017 celebration the students of Grade 9 were invited to visit Indian Navy warships which are docked at Tiger gate. The topic was presented by the students through Poems Come Alive, debate and concluded with a song and a dance. It was a poignant experience for all the students who visited the home and interacted with the residents there. Highlights: 22 students from Grade 8 participated in the crowdfunding campaign organized by Fueladream which was held between 12th April and 5th May 2019 in collaboration with IDF. " My dear Lord, one's occupational duty is instructed in rmad-Bhgavatam and Bhagavad-gt according to Your point of view, which never deviates from the highest goal of life. This was followed by two original speeches on Incredible India presented by two students, Apurva Mukherjee Dia Arakkal. The students also brought some objects from home as per the colour and this was used for a session of 'Show and Tell' in class. The students were divided into groups and picked a story by lots.

The students enhanced their analytical skills, their creativity, their technical skills and developed their social skills and also team spirit. A questionnaire given to the students helped them to recapitulate all that they have learned. The show concluded with a Quiz which showed how digitally aware our audience was. English Language: Aural Comprehension Date :.7.18 Grade: 4 Highlights: An aural comprehension was conducted to enhance their listening and understanding skills. The skit brought out the message of why every job was important and the skit promoted the message every workman is worthy of civility and respect.

There was an interesting dialogue among the students who believed that it wasn't only about fighting for equality between men and women but also for the transgender community. The event was also attended the by Committee of Management of Bombay Scottish Orphanage Society. Are the current dynamics of the country driving them away to potential 'greener pastures'? Stories of such successful world personalities were shared with them to give this message more clearly. Ganesh Khot Highlights: A video depicting animals taking care of themselves and their young ones showed, that the animals also have feelings like humans. 38 In September 1935, the Nazis passed the Nuremberg Laws. The 'Conservation Lab' of Asiatic Library where scientific methods are used to preserve old books fascinated them. The students were eventually shown a video and asked to identify the visuals and relate it to the book. Sayantan Sen covered the following topics in a series of workshops held on 04th September, 2018. The students participated in the program by action songs, quizzes and many other activities. 4) The Trophy for Excellence in Social Studies at the icse presented by the icse 2002 Batch was shared by Rohit John Mathew, Disha Lalwani, Jasmine Rishikesh Chaugule and Rhea Mall 5) Divya Tulapurkar won the Trophy for. This " master race " ideal engendered both the " Aryanization " programs of Nazi Germany, in which the classification of people as "Aryan" and "non-Aryan" was most emphatically directed towards the exclusion of Jews. It was a proud moment for the parents and created a wave of inspiration for the students of Grades 8-.

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Michael Cook (2014 Ancient Religions, Modern Politics: The Islamic Case in Comparative Perspective, Princeton University Press,.68: "Aryavarta. On Friday, 7th July 2017,. The importance of rain water harvesting was explained to the children through a mini model. Climatic change and its impact on the future. page 57 10 Zwischen Barbarenklischee und Germanenmythos: eine Analyse österreichischer. It was followed by a panel discussion and an open forum which answered many queries of the audience from grades.

The term "Airya/Airyan" appears in the royal Old Persian inscriptions in three different contexts: As the name of the language of the Old Persian version of the inscription of Darius I in Behistun As the ethnic background of Darius. They designed seals with engravings that they studied about in 'The Story of the Past'. Kg to Grade 2 (2016-2017) Safe Kids Programme was conducted for Classes. 5) Aditya Agarwal won the Trophy for the Top Scorer at the Standard Seven Level presented by the Senior Citizens Association of Raheja Vihar. Geography,.8 The trilingual inscription erected by Shapur's command gives us a more clear description. " Rosenberg (page 26 " The ridiculed hypothesis about a Nordic creative center, which we can call Atlantis without meaning a sunken island from where once waves of warriors migrated to all directions as first witnesses of Nordic longing. In this sense the word seems to have referred to the elite culture of the ancient Iranians, including both linguistic, cultural and religious aspects. date:.12.18 Classroom activities / other activities Event: doughnut wreaths (Christmas Take away) Date :.12.18 Grade. The next stop was the wax museum, where students clicked pictures with wax models of celebrities and eminent personalities and ended the tour on a sweet note with a visit to the chikki factory. The performance conveyed, 'We are not dying from the cold outside but from cold within which threw light on the lack of warmth in humans. The day remembers with gratitude the vision of our Founders who set the foundation for education and helped Bombay Scottish School leapfrog to the ranks of being one of the elite schools in Mumbai. Ltd, a workshop on South Korean Music was organized for students from Grades 6-8 in School.

Avestan airya may also be connected with Indo-Iranian *ara. A dollop of right behavior and cup full of kindness make for the best kind of chocolatey-goodness! They presented the poster to the class and spoke about themselves for a minute using the poster. The students were asked to stick their picture in the center of A4 size sheet and stick cutouts of pictures from magazine and newspapers that describes them. Please click below for "Photograph" Download Flowers - Grade 1 The students of Grade 1 had a stage performance on the topic 'Flowers' on 10th October. Children visited the information center where lots of pictures were displayed of different animals like the tigers and their cubs different types of snakes and monkeys. Kg The classrooms were converted into different kinds of animals - wild animals, farm animals, life under water. Europe at War: : No Simple Victory,. They described the fruits as they exhibited them. Pictures - The Karadi Path : Deep Comprehension for Deep Learning Venue : BSS, Mahim Date : Attendees: All Teachers Resource Person:. Transpiration: Students noted the process of transpiration by covering plant in a polythene bag.

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Proceedings of dussehra essay in 500 words the Third European Conference of Iranian Studies (Cambridge, September 1995). Through this activity students showcased the following skills: reflective thinking research leadership skills team work time management skills The activity witnessed 100 percent participation making the activity a success. VcwicI_647u0 The following constituted the Executive Board: Secretary General:. Highlights: A puppet show based on Mowgli and his friends conveyed the message of obeying elders at home and school. Students brought in toys, photographs or flash cards of their favourite animal. Grade 3 students spoke about what freedom means to them. Vishal, curion education, highlights: The students created working models of 'Vibro-bug'-vibrating bug, 'Art-Bot'-a vibrating motor that creates a pattern). Please visit the following link for the m/smunpowai2017 To download the pictures please click below: Download - Seasons Activity -. Program se sprovodi u vidu trodnevnih, besplatnih, interaktivnih radionica, a polaznici e imati priliku da sa sertifikovanim strunjacima unaprede svoje vetine kroz praktina znanja koja e im pomoi u potrazi za poslom. (It is also the source of the country-name Iran, from a phrase meaning 'kingdom of the Aryans'.

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Grandparents Day - Grade 3 Date / Week:.9.18 Highlights: The students brought pictures of their grandparents and made appreciation cards as a token of respect for them to celebrate Grandparents Day. 50 students visited the RZP New English School in Rawdhal and 42 students visited the RZP Panchkroshi Madhyamik Vidyalaya in Beloshi. Prvih 30 kandidata koji se najbre prijave i koji ispunjavaju uslove konkursa uestvovae u radionici koja e se odrati u periodu. Mathematics: Numeration Date:.7.18 Grade: 4 Highlights: The students were given a pack of 6 cards with numbers in their groups (7 groups). 4) The Trophy for Excellence in Social Studies at the icse presented by the icse 2002 Batch was shared by Kavisha Agarwal and Aadarsh Dwivedi. Overall, it was a very enriching experience for the children as well as for the teachers. The distinguished biologist Thomas Henry Huxley agreed with him, coining the term "Xanthochroi" to refer to fair-skinned Europeans (as opposed to darker Mediterranean peoples, who Huxley called "Melanochroi. Airiia-, etc.) is the self designation of the peoples of Ancient India and Ancient Iran who spoke Aryan languages, in contrast to the "non-Aryan" peoples of those "Aryan" countries (cf.

They later saw their design being printed by the 3D printing machine. They spent time interacting with the elders. Our students also participated and excelled in a number of Inter School quizzes such as the Bournvita Quiz Competition, ymca Quiz, TCS Quiz and pcra (Petroleum Conservation Research Association) Quiz. A disciplined class and a good behaviour in the bus was role played by the students. Highlights : The students brought a monsoon favourite - corn cooked in different ways (steamed, flakes, baked etc. Meanwhile, in India, the British colonial government had followed de Gobineau's arguments along another line, and had fostered the idea of a superior "Aryan race" that co-opted the Indian caste system in favor of imperial interests. To download the pictures please click below: Download - community service: a) Few students of grade 9 10 went to Aarambh Elder Care Home accompanied by Mrs. They identified various kinds of vehicles. To these belong all the Jews and the Arabs." The Jews, according to Blavatsky, were a "tribe descended from the Tchandalas of India as they were born of Abraham, which she believed to be a corruption of a word meaning "No Brahmin ". KG made orange /green/blue paper balls by crumpling crepe paper and sticking them on the outline of the Flag. E) Grade 7B presented stranded relationship between india AND china, with regard to the Chinese army encroaching into the Doklam Plateau. Our Services, when it comes to essay writing, an in-depth research is a big deal. After the lighting of the lamp by dignitaries, it was time to witness the thought-provoking and power-packed performance.

Sindhu, Mary Kom, Saniya Mirza, Milka Singh and Geetha ey also shared about their victories at the Olympics and Khel Ratna. This activity also helped enhance fine dussehra essay in 500 words motor skills. 52 The Old Persian and Avestan evidence is confirmed by the Greek sources. The tree top restaurant was the perfect place for our children to gorge on sumptuous meal. Report on Grandparents Day. A happy song composed by the teacher was sung by the children to conclude. There were many spot quizzes with prizes.

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Our students not only taught the rural children but also learnt a lot from them especially the fact that a lot of learning can happen outdoors rather than spending time with gadgets. They had to write what they thought Scrooge would have written in his Christmas card the year after his transformation to any one character from the book. The teacher made Popcorn and demonstrated the same to the students. 33 Campt, Tina (2004 Other Germans: Black Germans and the Politics of Race, Gender, and Memory in the Third Reich, University of Michigan Press,. . Social Studies: Evolution of Human Beings Date :.6.18. Likewise there were groups showing a park, a bank and a stationery shop. For a summary of the etymological problems involved, see Siegert. This presentation started with a song, followed by two skits dussehra essay in 500 words which highlighted the apathy of students when it comes to admissions in various government colleges for professional courses. A few students then explained the importance and need for school safety by giving examples. The exhibition was divided into nine segments named as Shared Beginnings, First Cities, Empire, State and Faith, Picturing the Divine, Indian Ocean Traders, Court Cultures, Quest for Freedom and Time Unbound. Decathlon - Akar Babu from Grade 7 and Sneha Mohanty from Grade 8 won the 2nd prize in the Dance Competition. Wells and Poul Anderson.

We do not share any of your information to anyone. Can still be heard in some modern studies." 89 In a socio-political context, the claim of a white, European Aryan race that includes only people of the Western and not the Eastern branch of the Indo-European peoples is entertained by certain circles. Geography- The students became amateur cartographers, as they plotted the route with dussehra essay in 500 words landmarks, on the way to the science centre. To download the pictures please click below: Download - Brochure to the Nehru Science centre - Grade 7 The seventh graders had an enthusiastic time making brochures to the Nehru Science Centre. The students of Grades 6 and 7 took to Bridge class most enthusiastically. Pictures - Adventure trip for Grade: 8 Date: 24th 25th January, 2019 Grade: 8 Venue: Lonavala - Della Highlights: The students of Grade 8 arrived at Della Adventure Park on Thursday the 24th January, 2019. Highlights: The national level initiative by Discovery India, aims to teach children self-defence through, Little Singham, an anime character. They spoke about its uses, the family to which it belongs and their habitat and identified the part of the plant. Date:.11.18 Grade: 5 Highlights: The students made a food chain showing producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, scavengers and decomposers using pictures of animals, birds and insects.

dussehra essay in 500 words

The results of icse 2018 was discussed along with the activity plan for the year 2018-19. At the end of the 'Lens It' the Principal shared her words of wisdom with all; highlighting the importance of school safety and how we as individuals need to take initiative to be safe at all times. Field trip for Grade 5 Date : 3rd August 2018 Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Thane Highlights : The students of grade 5 discovered the beauty of Yeoor Hills, which lies in the Thane side of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Download Learning through Kahoot! Students participated in various activities that promoted communication, innovation and teamwork - Jai Vakheel Foundation Date: 5th April 2019 Grade: 8 Highlights: The students visited Jai Vakheel Foundation which supports the intellectually disabled children, most of whom are.