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Plastic money essay in marathi

plastic money essay in marathi

Money is a universal means of payment and a means of exchange. Until then, credit card debt will always be a common problem in society. Two years back Citibank had launched its visa Card and that was the turning point in the history of Plastic Money in Pakistan. Ironically, most credit card companies will settle a customers debt once he/she has become delinquent enough. The entire breed of new players saw a fresh opportunity of granting unsecured loans at high interest rates to those credit cardholders who did not pay their bills on time. Further info, plastic money essay in marathi facts and fun Every year in Australia there are over 18 billion cash transactions. People who earn much money can afford luxury goods: expensive cars and fantastic mansions, precious stones and unique works of art.

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In this modern era, people are readily accepting new practices. Also, pressure was put on the credit card companies to raise minimum payments to 4 of the balance, instead. This could be because; debit cards in the country are still primarily used as ATM card for withdrawal purposes rather than for purchases. Hopefully, some of these practices will be stopped, if not by the credit card companies, than by the government. Starting from Diners Club, some 50 years ago, the card industry has been growing with a rapid pace world over and so has been the growth in the domestic card industry. An account manager at Discover Financial Services Incorporated (dfsi) can make up to 20 dollars per hour plus commission (but the average is closer to 15 per hour). There is no doubt that the domestic card industry has to yet to mature and offers significant long-term growth potential. Also, the total billings on cards are estimated at over Rs 10,000 crore, growing at 20 per cent per annum. This forecasting derive credibility from the fact that more and more local and international financial institutions are exhibiting enthusiasm in this direction. The total volumes of Visa and Visa Electron in the country for fiscal 2002 has shown a growth of 138 per cent.724 billion, while the purchase volumes have increased by 36 per cent.137 billion. It is very likely that one day dfsi will have a call center in another country. After successful launch of Citibank card, Muslim Commercial Bank, Bank of America, and National Bank of Pakistan had launched their credit cards.

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The use of corporate cards can bring savings up to 40 per cent for the middle market companies through process savings and purchase savings. The credit card market in India, according to American Express, is growing at 20-25 per cent per annum. We must admit that being a millionaire is always dangerous. But the scenario has changed dramatically in the last of couple of years with the entry of State Bank of India (SBI a domestic major in the banking sector. We all need money, we think about it and work for. How does it work? Everybody uses money in our modern world.

Mazi Aai Essay in Marathi. With a huge amount of money you can surely get the freedom of time. People who value material things only, who care too much about money cannot be happy. So what role does money have in our lives? Since that time, advancements have been made that have allowed this idea to become a reality. Thirdly, while dealing in cash there is a possibility of corruption as there is not electronic proof for the transaction. Software has been created by many credit card companies that monitor the use of the credit card. With about.5 million card holders, Citibank is at second place. Between 19, the market has virtually grown to over 4 million cards with over 25-30 of compounded annual growth in new cardholders base. To my mind, money and happiness are not synonyms. Click here to read one more essay on topic of mother.

Business Technology (BT) positions were produced to aid with the creation, stability and updates of software used by customer service and account managers. Hdfc Bank is at fifth place with a million cards on its books. The US Treasury Department is testing polymer bank notes, but there are concerns that the American public will reject a plastic plastic money essay in marathi Greenback. They last on average 4-5 times longer in circulation, with the plastic 5 note lasting for around 40 months, compared to 6 months for the paper. First of all its, of course, financial freedom. Qualified writers in the subject of marketing are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. American Express began selling their card as a prestige to hotels, restaurants, shops or airlines in America and slowly expanded the network across the world.

Visit m to see how we can help you! Credit card companies have many methods of making money. Credit cards, one of the banking products that cater to the needs of retail segment has seen its number grow in geometric progression in recent years. Unfortunately, many people who already had high balances could barely afford the old 2 rates. In this category, Malaysia tops at 42 per cent, Taiwan at 31 per cent, both even higher than Hong Kong and Australia. Banking has evolved a long way from the days of the medieval moneylenders counting coins on the bench to the present scenario, where it is hard to trace the trail of money from the beginning to the end. As a last resort, people who were unable to pay back their debt were allowed to file bankruptcy. It has been estimated that there are likely to be around half million potential card users in the near future. Paper money was first used in China around the seventh century AD, only to be outlawed in 1455.

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Related Essays, essay about money management, how is it plastic money essay in marathi correct to manage a money capital? Also, whenever a customer calls in to make a payment over the telephone, companies will charge them between 15 to 20 dollars, known as a pay by phone charge (pure profit). Medicine of our time took a huge step forward during a past few decades. However, it is common for a parent to help pay off their childs debt at that age (once the student admits exactly how much money they spent). The New York based major has been beaten but not disgraced.

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According to the wallet study, the frequency of card usage is expected to go up in plastic money essay in marathi the forthcoming months. About 32 per cent of the consumers surveyed anticipate using the card more frequently in the next six months, while 18 per cent said that they would add more credit cards to their wallets. The total volumes through the debit cards for the country stood.550 billion of which Maestro volumes were.115 billion with the remaining volumes with Visa. This is no more evident than people using plastic money instead of traditional notes and coins. Modern technologies have influenced the way of payment: and plastic cards are becoming more and more popular today and they can be accepted even abroad. Close on its heels is domestic behemoth State Bank of India (SBI) which has crossed.5 million cards within two years of launching the card. Plastic money IN pakistan Plastic Money business is definitely going big time here in Pakistan. Popularity of these cards is evident from the fact that growing number of people posses them and use it while shopping online. These banks were not so concerned with collecting commissions from shops but were thriving on high interest income from those who did not pay their bills on time.

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So maybe part of the problem for irresponsible spending comes from how the average American is raised. Firstly, as these transactions are done over the Internet there is possibility of theft. Credit card companies actually prefer the old 2 rate because in the long run, it takes credit card holders longer to pay back, so the companies make more profit from the finance charges accumulated. However, the purchases through debit cards in the country were much lower at 103.6 million. He wrote a book, Looking Backward, which described his idea of a utopian society. Saving money Saving money in the modern world is an urgent necessity. The money we use nowadays is made of paper and cheap metals. But it wasnt easy to carry and store them. But corporate cards continue to have good potential. What is money for?

This fee adds up to millions of dollars lost. It is followed closely by China, which has, however, seen a fall in total volumes of 8 per cent to 208.283 billion. Consolidation companies came into view to help people settle (pay back their debt for pennies on the dollar) their debts. The trail starts right from the small saver leaving a few rupees in his local bank to the billions of rupee loans raised by a syndicate banks and financial institutions, capable of financing projects in any country in the world. In the expansion of domestic credit card market, the existing foreign players, SBI, other nationalised banks and the new domestic private sector banks are expected to play important role with complementary strategies. This caused many accounts to become very delinquent and ruined many credit scores. Of this Visa Electron issuances were.13 lakh, while Maestro issuances were.86 lakh.

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This concept helps to build a structure of society, divide it into Like. John Flynn created the Royal Flying Doctor Service. From the half-a-million cardholders in 1992, the population is at a whopping nine million today. Jobs were also created for account managers, or better known to the public as collection representatives. I agree with the statement that money isnt the most important thing. Money doesnt always mean well-being and prosperity. Credit cards in India, made their debut in 1981, and are on the verge of an unprecedented boom. Plastic money future in india, the plastic money culture seems to be spreading fast if the total transaction volumes through cards (both debit and credit) in the country for 2002 is anything to. Market scenario Although credit card was introduced in Pakistan decades ago when Habib Bank, the largest bank in Pakistan, launched its gold card, but people had hardly know about this card because of its very limited issuance. According to American Express, there are about 30,000 mid-market companies in India, with sales revenues from Rs 5 crore to Rs 500 crore incurring a total travel and entertainment expenditure.7 billion.

This essay will discuss benefits and drawbacks of using plastic money. This in turn reflects prospects in Pakistan market in accommodating numerous credit card competitors operating on the circuit, ensuring healthy and competitive card business deals. Currently, dfsi has a call center in New Albany, Ohio, but many of the employees dont have a sense of job security. Every credit card company employs thousands of customer service representatives. The use of folding currency re-emerged in England in 1694. Many students are over the age of 18, so they dont need their parents signature to get a card. What purpose it serves? There are some simple rules.

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We need money to live and buy desired things and services. Total transaction volumes have rocketed 103 per cent.201 billion (over Rs 19,400 crore making India the fastest growing market in Asia Pacific. ANZ Grindlays will be in card business with their visa card. While travel and entertainment-related expenses continue to be big ticket expenditure items, Indian consumers are increasingly using the plastic alternative for everyday spends such as petrol, hospitals, telephone services, home furnishing and good old eating. Together with csiro, they are pushing towards better polymer substrates and new tricks to outsmart counterfeiters. Fraud Prevention positions arose since fraud has become a major issue with credit cards. Cardholders in countries such as Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia spend 10-30 per cent more on the same services. Many a times people carry number of debit and credit cards rather than cash. We have access to a lot of kinds of public transport that can deliver Essay about family role in society Human society is quite a complex thing and family is an important unit. Essay about saving money for future. Training positions arose to keep all employees up to date in this always-changing industry. Really, it plastic money essay in marathi doesnt matter what opportunities it bring, as the main reason we so desperately are trying to earn it is that it grants us freedom. Chapter 7 means you are completely forgiven for your debt, whereas Chapter 13 means you still have to pay back your debt, but with a lower interest rate or for pennies on the dollar (like a settlement).

This way, credit card holders would (hopefully) become more moderate spenders, since their minimum payments would now be twice as high. The more money you have the plastic money essay in marathi more respected you are. Foremost money love, an account, and systematic character not simply. Most of these credit card companies dont even have to disclose the pay by phone charge, since it is mentioned in the card member agreement, which all credit card holders have to sign before getting a credit card. Plastic money has revolutionized the way trade is being conducted. A recent American Express Share of Wallet study among cardholders across the six cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad reveals that card usage is highest for dining and shopping, while it is also popular for travel-related.