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A strong thesis

a strong thesis

Think about what the reader would expect from the essay that follows: most likely a general, appreciative summary of Twains novel. However, its a strong thesis still not clear what your analysis will reveal. First off, never write humans as a general term in your essays. When reviewing your first draft and its working thesis, ask yourself the following : Do I answer the question? A thesis is usually the first sentence that pops up whenever someone sits down to write an essay.

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Second, the phrase negative and positive aspects is vague. Of course, for the essay itself to be successful, you must now present evidence from the novel that will convince the reader of your interpretation. This is a weak thesis statement for two major reasons. Teen celebrities often engage in inappropriate and sometimes illegal activities and thus should not be considered role models for children. Government surveillance programs, such as prism, should be banned because they invade civil liberties, lead innocent people to suffer unfair punishments, and ultimately fail to protect the citizens that they are designed to safeguard. The current welfare system promotes dependency Inspired by this sample essay about the abuse of welfare. Stuck On Your Essay? You turn on the computer and type out the following: The North and South fought the Civil War for many reasons, some of which were the same and some different. Dont write: There are high numbers of homeless people living in Berkeley, California. Here is a bad example of the same thesis : Humans should drink more water because water prevents disease and due to popular research its known that adults dont drink enough water. Crippling student debt is stifling the growth of the.S. Legalizing the use of marijuana in the United States will greatly benefit the medical sector by giving physicians the ability to prescribe this life-saving drug. Most teen celebrities should not be role models for children Inspired by this sample essay on teen celebrities as role models.

Is my thesis statement specific enough? Its like a road sign that lets readers know in what direction they are heading. So, your recommendation is completely useless. A strong thesis statement expresses one main idea. As long as you have the time to write the paper and modify your thesis, you should and are encouraged to experiment. If your assignment asks you to take a strong thesis a position or develop a claim about a subject, you may need to convey that position or claim in a thesis statement near the beginning of your draft.

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15 Thesis Statement Examples Below are 15 debatable, supportable, and focused thesis statements for you to learn from. Writing your thesis once and then paraphrasing it just to fill space is a bad idea. Does my essay support my thesis specifically and without wandering? This final thesis statement presents an interpretation of a literary work based on an analysis of its content. Your reader wont be able to tell the a strong thesis point of the statement, and will probably stop reading. Your professor is probably not interested in your opinion of the novel; instead, she wants you to think about why its such a great novelwhat do Hucks adventures tell us about life, about America, about coming of age, about race, etc?

a strong thesis

Thesis statements that are too vague often do not have a strong argument. Once your essay is finished, feel free to send it to a Kibin editor, who can check for grammar errors, sentence structure issues, and of course, the strength of your thesis. What is a thesis statement? It does not tell the reader where you are heading. Almost all of useven if we dont do it consciouslylook early in an essay for a one- or two-sentence condensation of the argument or analysis that is to follow. (Check out our handout on understanding assignments for more information.).

What is a, thesis, statement? After youve chosen the question your essay will answer, compose one or two complete sentences answering that question. Dont try to argue an overly broad topic in your essay, or youre going to feel confused and unsure about your direction and purpose. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons.0 License. This is not a comprehensive list of resources on the handouts topic, and we encourage you to do your own research to find the latest publications on this topic. ( Famine, war, and global warming can be easily avoided on Mars? Vaccinations against diseases such as polio, rubella, and mumps should be mandatory for all.S.

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You should note that this fragment is not a thesis statement because your reader doesnt know your conclusions on the topic. After reflecting on the topic a little while longer, you decide that what you really want to a strong thesis say about this topic is that something should be done to reduce the amount of sugar these children consume. The assignment may not explicitly state that you need a thesis statement because your instructor may assume you will include one. If your current thesis is: Cheeseburgers are better than hamburgers because _ a bit down the line, you might reconsider your statement. Dont write: Secondhand smoke is bad and can cause heart disease and cancer; therefore, smoking should be outlawed in public places, but outlawing smoking is unfair to smokers so maybe non-smokers can just hold their breath or wear masks around smokers instead. The second one lets readers know that not drinking enough water can have an adverse effect on ones health. Because the language used in Shakespeares plays and sonnets helps developing minds grow healthy and strong. Q: What are the potential benefits of using computers in a fourth-grade class? How do I know if my thesis is strong? Without one, your arguments fall flat and have nothing to latch on to resulting in a poorly structured text without much substance. A good argumentative thesis picks a side. Eventually you will be able to clarify for yourself, and then for the reader, why this contrast matters. As you write the essay, you will probably begin to characterize these differences more precisely, and your working thesis may start to seem too vague.

Vaccinations should be mandatory Inspired by this sample essay on vaccinations. A: The potential benefits of using computers in a fourth-grade class are. Ruszkiewicz, John.,. Does my thesis pass the So what? Ramage, John., John. Opponents could also easily argue that homeless people in Berkeley already receive adequate services ( just look at all those luxurious sidewalks! Feel free to customize them for use in your own argumentative essay. Any more than that, and you risk the thesis getting swamped with background information. Student loans should be forgiven Inspired by this sample essay on student loans. Ive distilled it down to four main components. A thesis statement should show exactly what your paper will be about, and will help you keep your paper to a manageable topic.

Schools are too dependent on technology Inspired by this sample essay on technology dependence. Your first step, then, is to distill the assignment into a specific question. The Longman Handbook a strong thesis for Writers and Readers. Produced by Writing Tutorial Services, Indiana University, Bloomington,. Yes, there sure are a bunch of them out there. This age-old, neon-colored, bangle-wearing, peg-legged wisdom holds true todayin your thesis statement.

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If your reader were to scan the first paragraph of your essay (where the thesis ought to be) theyd be able to easily pick it out from the rest of the text. Children who wish to attend school as these vaccinations are critical to the control and eradication of deadly infectious diseases. How to Tell a, strong, thesis, statement from a Weak One. Schools should distribute birth control to teens Inspired by this sample essay about birth control distribution in schools. Check out these posts: Now that you have a better understanding of the all things thesis statement, here are 15 more thesis statement examples to inspire your next argumentative essay. Included in this working thesis is a reason for the war and some idea of how the two sides disagreed over this reason. What are the benefits of moving to a planet without oxygen or trees? Almost all assignments, no matter how complicated, a strong thesis can be reduced to a single question. We havent done everything. Heres a working thesis with potential: you have highlighted an important aspect of the novel for investigation. Organ donors should be financially compensated Inspired by this sample essay on organ donation. If theres time, run it by your instructor or make an appointment at the Writing Center to get some feedback. This statement includes some thought-provoking claims.

Notice how the thesis answers the question, What should be done to reduce sugar consumption by children, and who should do it? The reason a thesis evolves is that in the process of research and information gathering, we usually come up with brilliant ideas that may change our point of view. I loved Huckleberry Finn! A wishy-washy statement like this will make your reader scratch his head in puzzlement. A thesis isnt all that complicated, but it can be tricky to master. In order to improve the online behavior of students and decrease cyberbullying-related suicide attempts, school officials should have the authority to discipline students who engage in cyberbullying. Here are two thesis statements: There are some negative and positive aspects to the Banana Herb Tea Supplement. Are you going to argue for the benefit of chocolate in Willy Wonkas Chocolate Bar or are you going to explain why Switzerland has the best confectionaries? Your thesis should indicate the point of the discussion. Ive also chosen to focus on Americans rather than everyone in the universe. Its a matter of taste, personal style, and the topic of your essay.

A good trailer gives you the basic premise of the movie, shows you the highlights, and encourages you to want to see more. NowTurn Your Thesis Statement Into an Essay Any one of these thesis statement examples will get you started on the road to writing an awesome argumentative essay, but if none of these thesis statements or topics. This statement is specific, but it isnt a thesis. For example, if your assignment is, Write a report to the local school board explaining the potential benefits of using computers in a fourth-grade class, turn the request into a question like, What are the potential benefits of using computers in a fourth-grade class? A Thesis is a work in progress While some teachers or professors will require that you come up with your thesis before you begin writing your paper, a thesis can and most times should evolve during the writing process. How are they different?

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Foreign aid to Africa does not work Inspired by this sample essay on foreign aid to Africa. It summarizes your topic in a striking and unambiguous statement that you or your readers can refer to in the future. Its important to stay focused! Does my thesis pass the how and why? Why should anyone care? Now you have a working thesis! A thesis is a one to two sentences tied together that work as a rope to your future arguments. Before you develop an argument on any topic, you have to collect and organize evidence, look for possible relationships between known facts (such as surprising contrasts or similarities and think about the significance of these relationships. Who should avoid it? This sentence is the thesis statement, and it serves as a summary of the argument youll make in the rest of your paper. A reader of this weak thesis might think What reasons? Persuasion is a skill you practice regularly in your daily life.

This is a strong thesis because it takes a stand, and because it's specific. Stick a strong thesis to a more centered and tight thesis. Lower consumption than the recommended can lead to extreme side effects like headaches, dizziness, and weight gain. Your thesis may be too open-ended and lack guidance for the reader. This statement doesnt include any supporting claims. In a better example, we gave an age group, 18 to 28, which lets us narrow our research. Back in the 80s, teens loved to say thats debatable about claims they didnt agree with (such as you should clean your room and you shouldnt go to that movie ). Narrowing down your topic of discussion lets you focus primarily on the task at hand. The reason your teachers want to review the thesis is so they can make sure you are writing something that is appropriate for your skill and school. Now, push your comparison toward an interpretationwhy did one side think slavery was right and the other side think it was wrong? While most American families would view consanguineal marriage as a threat to the nuclear family structure, many Iranian families, like my own, believe that these marriages help reinforce kinship ties in an extended family. Schools should start at a later time of day Inspired by this sample essay about school start times. During the course of your essay, you will back each of your claims with well-researched evidence.

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The first sentence lets readers see your stance on the subject adults in a given age group arent drinking enough water. Media should update the depiction of traditional families Inspired by this sample essay on families. Picking a side is pretty much the whole entire point of an argumentative essay. It merely reports a statistic instead of making an assertion. You may reproduce it for a strong thesis non-commercial use if you use the entire handout and attribute the source: The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Make a Gift. New York: Pearson, 2018. The only issue you might encounter when changing your thesis is the amount of rewriting you will need to do to finish the paper. How are they the same? Formulating a thesis is not the first thing you do after reading an essay assignment. You change your thesis to look like this: Reducing sugar consumption by elementary school children. One way to revise the thesis would be to write: Because the Internet is filled with tremendous marketing potential, companies should exploit this potential by using Web pages that offer both advertising and customer support. The Scott, Foresman Handbook for Writers. Hint: a great many clear and engaging thesis statements contain words like because, since, so, although, unless, and however.

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Though some argue that advertising to children is harmful, it is actually a positive marketing technique that spurs economic growth. If your thesis statement expresses more than one idea, then you might confuse your readers about the subject of your paper. OR, a: Using computers in a fourth-grade class promises to improve. Every essay, speech, or paragraph-based text a strong thesis has a thesis, but not every thesis belongs in a text. But the question did not ask you to summarize; it asked you to analyze. Introduction, writing in college often takes the form of persuasionconvincing others that you have an interesting, logical point of view on the subject you are studying. If your assignment is to write a paper on kinship systems, using your own family as an example, you might come up with either of these two thesis statements: My family is an extended family. Read How to Write a Persuasive Essay Thats Convincing. You start out with a thesis statement like this: Sugar consumption. This way, students can avoid rewriting large sections of their papers. There are several exceptions but those only apply to university graduates and researchers on a very high level, so we wont dive into those right now. This will be easy, you think.

As I explained in the post How to Create a Powerful Argumentative Essay Outline, your claims make up a critical part of building the roadmap to your argument. When an assignment asks you to analyze, to interpret, to compare and contrast, to demonstrate cause and effect, or to take a stand on an issue, it is likely that you are being asked to develop a thesis and to support it persuasively. In college, course assignments often ask you to make a persuasive case in writing. First, it fails to take a stand. Perhaps a strong thesis you are not sure yet, either. You find that you are interested in the amount of sugar Americans consume. This weak thesis restates the question without providing any additional information. Lets take a look at this thesis. A good argumentative thesis is centered on a debatable topic.

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Thats also not accurate. Do write: It is too late to save earth; therefore, humans should immediately set a date for their a strong thesis relocation to Mars, where they can, with proper planning, avoid issues of famine, war, and global warming. Then stick up for. Media depicts the traditional family as comprising a mother, father, and children; however, this notion of the traditional family is outdated and can be harmful to children who look to this as the gold standard. Bean, and June Johnson. The thing you need to remember is: Keep your opening paragraph short. Here are some helpful hints to get you started. Not to mention how unprofessional it looks. Do write: Americans should eliminate the regular consumption of fast food because a fast food diet leads to preventable and expensive health issues, such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Furthermore, it raises a subject upon which reasonable people could disagree, because while most people might agree that children consume more sugar than they used to, not everyone would agree on what should be done or who should. 98 of Kibin users report better grades! Four to five sentences plus the thesis should be enough to open your essay. Your reader is intrigued but is still thinking, So what? Besides that, they dont control your writing. Remember, always reassess and revise your writing as necessary. Teachers know how to spot these kinds of tricks. You want your reader to think. Chinas one-child policy led to unintended and negative consequences Inspired by this Inspired by this sample essay on advertising to children. How do I create a thesis? A good strategy for creating a strong thesis is to show that the topic is controversial. Its just a fact.

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To revise the thesis, the relationship between the two ideas needs to become more clear. The Allyn Bacon Guide to Writing. Also, claiming that simply reading Shakespeare in schools will make students smarter. Ask yourself these same questions and begin to compare Northern and Southern attitudes (perhaps you first think The South believed slavery was right, and the North thought slavery was wrong). What this handout is about, this handout describes what a thesis statement is, how thesis statements work in your writing, and how you can craft or refine one for your draft. High Schools already have dedicated lessons to Shakespeare. As with everything you should practice writing examples of a strong thesis a thesis statement and always strive for excellence. You decide to explain what you mean about food and beverage choices, so you write: Experts estimate that half of elementary school children consume nine times the recommended daily allowance of sugar.