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Democracy essay css

democracy essay css

As countries are large and their populations huge, this sort of democracy is no more feasible. This exercise is a big blessing as the use of right to vote can be used as a double blessing: one to choose right people and two, to remove wrong people. Are the people of Pakistan non democratic? One nation, one party, one leader. Political Parties: Politics in Pakistan has never been a pleasing issue. The Rental Power Plant case signified just another way of taking corruption to the next level though it was already rampant and galore in the society of Pak. They start to do corruption on massive scale. And democracy as a process means periodic elections, democracy essay css occurring every four or five years, or as a mid-term or a snap election, that amounts to giving an opportunity to the masses to elect their own leaders. Read also: An Introduction to Letter Writing for Beginners Nothing against the state, everything for the state, nothing outside the state. Democracy in Pakistan Essay (350 Words) Outline: Introduction Failed democracy Reasons Legacies of the military regimes Conclusion Democracy is a system of government in which all the people of a country can vote to elect their representatives. Democracy gives people the chances of regular elections. They cannot vote intelligently at all.

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Firstly, more than 80 democracy essay css percent of our people are either thoroughly illiterate or only some of them know how to write their names or how to write the basic ABC. It leads to the despotism of majority and helplessness of minority. During the past sixty-five years, there have been regular elections to the parliament and state legislatures. The country always welcomes properly elected legislative assemblies. The freedom craving nation of England couldn't stand authoritarianism anymore.

democracy essay css

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The question can be further resolved if there is institutional harmony, rule of law, sanctity of the constitution and the protection of the general masses. If one has in-depth analysis of western democracies, one comes to conclude that these norms are part and parcel of the culture; they cannot be installed in the society as a result of process. Corruption and favoritism become common in society. The People: Democracy is known as the Govt. Majority: Democracy is the rule of the majority. Contrarily, if a society is predominantly infested with the malaises of illiteracy and poverty, it becomes a Herculean task for the democracy democracy essay css to evolve as a culture. Inherited from the previous govt. Democracy in Pakistan, essay with"tions (1000 Words democracy is called and acknowledged as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. In the country not just as a process but as a culture. Sometimes democracy was hanged at the altar of political clashes.

democracy essay css

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S attitude towards the Supreme Court. It goes without saying that the system of democracy relies heavily on educated society for its proper evolution, where people perceive the worth of democratic values, where people are aware of the real importance of elections. Is the democracy an issue of Pakistan or all third world countries? (Role of mullah/islamists). Democracy does not come as a complete template rather it has to be evolved. In other words, poverty is the corollary of illiteracy in the society. And this is why after every failed and discredited dictatorship, we turned to democracy. But it is a bitter fact that fools are many and wise are few. Needless to say, in the absence of environment saturated with coexistence, it is next to impossible for the democratic culture to evolve in the country. Thus, it could be said beyond doubt that a democratic society is basically an educated society and a democratic culture is primarily a culture of education.

Secondly, the existence of democracy essay css the formidable (difficult to defeat or deal with) zamindari or feudal system allowed the big landowners to control and direct the lives of millions of farm laborers and farmers working under them. This is exacily the case with Pakistan. It goes without saying that the prevalence of such belief has eroded the trust between the civilian rulers and the masses, hence, giving a severe blow to the culture of democracy in the country. It is a culture with the military dictators that they seek to dole out justice to others, but they themselves are not prepared to present themselves before an impartial, civilian tribunal to defend their actions. Democracy under civil and military government, factors that transform democracy into dictatorship, feudal dominated society. It is the govt, that has the power to govern without the consent of those being governed.

It has stood the test of time all these years and faced many challenges. But both these principles do not exist. The political parties, in opposition to the government, exercise certain checks in the forms of criticism, protest, and boycott, etc. Equality: democracy essay css it is another pillar of democracy. Moreover, the initiative of Balochistan Package is another hallmark in this regard, which can be proved, as a stepping stone in relieving the grievances of the Baloch people.

Many other noble values, like protection of one's rights, socio-economic justice, and acceptance of plurality form the culture of democracy. Democracy has many drawbacks. The issue of letter to the Swiss Govt. Participation of women in democracy. Democracy ensures the balance among all the three organs of the state.e. WHY, democracy, fails IN pakistan, outline of the essay, introduction. The people in the democratic state are not like dumb driven cattle. Needless to say, such trend has given a severe blow to the rule of law in the country, leading to the erosion of public faith on the democratic system. Such sort of degenerated character of politicians gives an opportunity to the military to step into the corridors of power by removing the elected government on the charges of corruption. The most prominent of them being General Zias military regime (1977-1988) and General Msuharraf s military regime (1999-2008).

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Briefly speaking, independent judiciary is a vibrant tool of constitutionalism which is the bedrock of democratic culture. In the words of Franklin. Though Former illani was time and again voicing the inexistence of any institutional clash in Pakistan yet the NRO case and later on the letter to the Swiss Govt, also brought about the challenge of the institutional clash for the present democratic govt. All over the world. Public approval of a political party to form government gives it political legitimacy and social support to manage public affairs, and formulate and implement policies. The state sovereignty was also made subjected to the flagrant violation by the US in the case of Raymond Davis and operation against Osama in 2011. Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized. Only countries of adverse circumstances have made the circulation of that blood cold. It means democracy is a culture. The nation has the freedom to choose, to make amends to decide the present and the future and to speak their minds, shape their opinions and implements their ideas. As Pakistan was separated in the name of Islam so the best political system that suits the state of Pakistan is democracy. The process of democracy does not end with the ballot box, it actually starts from. The history of Pakistan shows that the country has experienced four military takeovers since its establishment.