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Does life have a purpose essay

does life have a purpose essay

Coalition forces discovered the bodies and ensured they were identified and returned to the families. I just mean whats the point of life? I didnt have the money to replace it and couldnt bear the thought of getting rid of an expensive piece of fluffery. Or, you choose to focus on the fact that nothing really matters in the grand scheme of the universe (it doesnt) and be miserable. To each his own. In my experience, the more I understand about people, life, philosophy, psychology, etc., the harder it becomes to find happiness in life. Life is very simple, it really is, but because most of us live from the mind and not from the heart, we developed this false belief that life is complicated and that the purpose of our lives is something. Because as a species were awesome at maiming, wounding, and hurting each other. On the other hand, if God exists much like Sartre and Camus pondered then it is paramount to our interests, and our ultimate concern ought to be how we relate to this being and derive our purpose. The family we turned the body over to was thankful as they never thought theyd have a chance to bury the man. Why are we here as humans?

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After shaking hands and bowing for some odd reason, I stood and watched the sun set as they drove off our dusty base surrounded by sandbag barriers. So many people walk around with a meaningless life. Heres a tip: Before you go to bed each night, review the activity of the day and put on paper the five most important things you would like to achieve the next day. The first narrative is sad, the second comical, and third dramatic. Even Sartre and Camus, philosophers who rejected the idea of the divine, wrestled with this question. Suicide remains on the rise, and Ive had friends take their life for this reason. Do not live by tradition, it is an enemy of progress. So thus far in my search I was left with, Sorry your down kiddo, but life is purposeless.

I dont know why, but I did. They seem half-asleep, even when theyre busy doing things they think are important. Theres a science-fiction story about an astronaut marooned on a barren chunk of rock in outer space. Purpose, therefore, is what you make of it since the species will does life have a purpose essay one day end (but from a philosophical standpoint its problematic. This is because theyre chasing the wrong things. Where Am I Going? m, ml (accessed May 25, 2019). Our Lord ministered for three and a half years and the show more content, god lives per day. I remained haunted like the vast majority of us trying to figure out life. Monk or not, thats gotta be rough.

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I think Ive always kinda known this, but thinking about it clearly and specifically felt powerful and new. That is, until we begin the comparison game and see the photos of others we believe are living more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Its this: Spending time with friends and family and loving, laughing, and going on adventures. But back to the blue body bags. In fact, I view money ambition as the greatest pursuit in the world because of the opportunity it provides me to focus on love.

APA, mLA, chicago, the Purpose of Life. Not necessary because they deserve it, but because love is the only things we have to offer To get to a place where, no matter where you look and no matter what you do, you cant help but feel. But I digress The thing to all of this is, this is what we all do even though many of us dont realize. Its a very fatalistic does life have a purpose essay realization, which of course, he has no feeling towards. But if you accept that you can live free then find hope, or Live for whatever you derive purpose from. Gimme a hand here, willya? To bring this back around, if you were to ask me: What is the point of life?

Im sorry if I sound as if Im spelling that out, but I will. Sure, that sounds corny, but thats it nonetheless. To love everything and everyone, without excluding anyone or anything. . Ask yourself: What is the purpose of life? I pray you shirk the voices of dissent and continue to search and question until you find yours. Even the gurneys on the side of the road after a fatal car accident showcased the black. I asked a fellow member of my team while motioning to the surrounding valley. While we claim to be more enlightened than our predecessors, were just more entertained. When the monk, who spent 20 years on a mountain somewhere, reaches emptiness or nirvana like Buddha did, he realizes that he has no control over anything and that everything is nothing.

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(Recommended reading: The Art of Loving by Eric Fromm.) I guess my point is, happiness is right in front. You choose to focus on whats wrong instead of whats right. Perhaps the man is homeless and mentally ill. Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash As someone who loves science, when I asked about purpose, the scientific community was overwhelmingly pessimistic in its response. Sometimes clarity is huge. You cant have such a fountain of wisdom and live like a fool. And so, when I pursue money or accomplishment, Im really just pursuing love. He remarked that God is not the sort of thing of thing one can be moderately interested.

It would be nothing more than a cosmic experiment. The three of us straddle and duck walk away from the helicopter while the slosh-slosh-slosh continues until we place the bag in the bed of a truck. He doesnt count by years, months or weeks but days. Thats all there is. After running tests, the doctor tells him that he has about a year to livemaybe more, maybe less. Most of my life up to this point has been a page out of a family friendly sitcom. We are always seeking because seeking is programmed into our DNA. "The Purpose of Life.". It does not matter if all were not eventually accomplished, but the next day put high on your list the unfinished tasks and go ahead to achieve them. The song 1999 released in 1982 of all things). So, back to Hemingways" about happiness in intelligent people.

Then I thought about kidswhich I dont have, but wantand I realized that I will probably feel this way even more so when I have some of my own. You realize that external possessions and achievement are hollow, and ultimately, wont provide you the fulfillment you are looking for. There is so much to be said for this. So I felt I had two options. So as Im writing, I start visualizing myself in Lances shoes with less than a year to live. Questions like purpose, meaning, the divine, or the absurdity of life make a huge difference in the way we interact with the world and others, and theres a big reason why. But I assure you this is not how this essay ends. The purpose of life to love, to truly love. By all means pray. In my life, I often think how much easier life would be if I was a less-aware, less-thinking, and more simple-minded person. On the surface, we might all look very different from one another but at the core level, we are all the same. I stand entranced, making no effort to move while I continue to stare at the ocean blue bag the pilot and my friend are having trouble navigating through the hatch door. Is the life I am living really the life I want to be living?

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What could does life have a purpose essay it hurt? He set to work for 6days and the whole of the universe came into existence. In every movie Id seen body bags were always black. Life, by all means, was good. What was I designed to do? The purpose of life is to love and be loved.

To become one with love and then to radiate that love outwards To love those who love you, and also those who dont. The same is true of life: We seek the end-goal only to realize that there isnt actually an end-goal at all and that nothing really matters. . You can be happy with little or miserable with everything. And, you have to spend as much freaking time as possible with those you love. What do you think this all means? There was a time when I would contemplate about the purpose of life and the reason for our existence, but after does life have a purpose essay a while, I stopped. I wasnt trying to do this, but I ended up writing out the things I have been struggling with in my life. The psalmist said concerning God: So teach us to number our days that we might apply our hearts to wisdom. The Search for Significance, i left my faith tradition when I was seventeen years old, fading into the background like a phantom disappearing through a wall. And I didnt find an answer for a long time. The voice is hard to hear over the punishing whip-whip-whip of the helicopter blades. When you start realizing these things (its a process life starts looking different. That all changed after September 11th.

does life have a purpose essay

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

61 percent of college students surveyed in 2014 reported overwhelming anxiety within the last year and.5 percent said they felt so depressed that it was difficult to function. Its against their beliefs to have us prepare the body, hence the sloshing noise. But knowing that all and realizing that none of it really matters other than how it can help explain the thing that really matters in life, which is love. And if you can silence your mind completely, connecting with the deep part of you that holds the answers to all your life questions, I guarantee you that the answer you will get will look something like this: The purpose of life is to love. Retrieved 14:04, May 25, 2019, from. Maybe Id do like the music video Tears Dont Fall from Bullet For My Valentine where I catch them in the act and douse them in gas.

For me, people are a prerequisite for enjoying life. Even the ones that entertained the notion of a Higher Power for the sake of argument point to there being no real purpose even from a divine creators standpoint. What is the meaning of life? Within the scientific community the common answer boils down to Life doesnt have a purpose. We will need stories, nights wrestling with deep and troubling thoughts, engaging conversations, differing viewpoints, and maybe a little faith to begin to combat the numbing agent so many of us have drank in todays culture. Every morning before you set about the days work, ask God for directions. The purpose of life is to become one with love To have love flow through every cell of your body and then to project that love outwards.

His point in the illustration is to show that without a handle on the story, theres no way to understand the meaning or how to answer the young man. Mom and Dad are still married. I walk away triumphant and cue going to my job the next day. Albert Einstein, what do you think is the purpose of life and the reason of our existence? Maybe hes just mistaken you for someone he met at the library who asked the Latin name for a wild duck? And since the same questions kept showing up in my inbox over and over again, I decided to take some time to contemplate on these questions, because just like Aristotle once said it, Contemplation is the highest form of activity. Its nothing more than one persons interpretation of what their intrinsic purpose could be, but its not the meaning of the human does life have a purpose essay existence. Well get to that in a moment). Why were these blue? After the wars, I found myself like many in this generation feeling lost and wondering if my life held intrinsic purpose. In doing so, I ask myself this question: What are the most enjoyable times of your life? So Im willing to accept on the evidence conclusions that may be unwelcome. When you realize that we all are just animals that do stuff because our biology which we have no control overmakes us, you start wanting answers to questions like, Whats the freaking point?

does life have a purpose essay