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Slow but steady wins the race essay

slow but steady wins the race essay

In later life, also, we find as a generally rule, that steady persevering men produce greater results than those who world however energetically, by fits and starts. I can safely say, "Fast and dogged wins the race" in life (in today's unfair world). Demosthenes was a stammered but he became the greatest orator of ancient Greece with persistent efforts. At this point the hare, waking up, saw the tortoise within a few yards of the winning post. Whether this rule can be applied to the majority of famous authors. This is the moral of the tortoise and hare slow but steady wins the race essay story from Aesops fable. Slow and steady wins the race. It is better to act slow and consistently then acting faster in a hasty manner.

Slow and, steady, wins the, race, Well Explained, essay for Students

He challenged the tortoise to a race and the tortoise agreed. This proverb states that a person who is consistent and steady in his approach can achieve massive success even if he is slow. After a long time he came up to the place where the hare was sleeping, and went on past his adversary until he was near the goal. Such person walks slowly but doesnt look backwards. You can read the story here. Write my paper professional curriculum vitae editor services uk sample isb essays custom critical essay on hacking tempest essay titles top university essay ghostwriting websites for school write me professional creative essay on donald trump cheap personal essay writing sites.

Presently, looking round and finding that his adversary was out of sight, he thought he might as well lie down and have a sleep, and did. History also tells us of many brilliant men meeting with failures for want of patience and perseverance. On the other hand there are other men of great talents, nay, of the highest geniuses, who, like Kant, the German meta physician, have found that steady lobar for a fixed number of hours every day by no means checked the flow of inspiration. Only the simple way of life encourages one to think about great deeds and great achievements. Explanation: We often see a person with exceptional talent fail, while a man of ordinary merit succeeds. . He made a desperate effort to get there before him but was unable to overtake him in time to save the race. Life is like a race and to win the race, one has to put forth every possible potential as well as regular and intact effort. It was a difficult one. He went to sleep and soon he was fast asleep, meanwhile the tortoise continued running and overtook the hare.

slow but steady wins the race essay

Essay on, slow and, steady, wins the, race

Beck ford at the age of twenty worked continuously for three days and two nights, at the end of which time l finished the brilliant novel called bathe. Similarly the American President Abraham Lincoln lived a simple life and he did all his work personally and never employed servants. On the other hand, occasional efforts, even at a faster pace, will seldom bring great results. I believe, it would be fairly right to say that the tortoise did not win the race, it was hare who lost. We live in a merciless, highly competitive world. At work, it can be better to complete tasks at a steady pace. He depended on his merit and failed. The maxim above says that those who are slow in actions but with constant efforts in their venture achieve their goal whereas people who start their work with vigor but with no constant efforts become overconfident and fail to reach the goal. The rest is so agreeable that he prolongs it until when he compares notes with his friends, he is astounded to find that those who have been working steadily for a moderate amount of hours every day, are now well in front of him.

The difference lies in the way two people have worked. Even in student life a student who feels he is intelligent will soon be overtaken by slow learners who study regularly. On the other hand, a person who is rushing and running out of slow but steady wins the race essay steam will be left behind, if his approach is not correct. Keep on at a steady pace. Do not over exert yourself and you will build up plenty of savings. Ceaseless efforts, even at a slow pace, will bring good results. This ensures that every step that they take is put in the right direction. We are told in one of Aesops fables how the hare and the tortoise once agreed to run a race against each other. He wore a dhoti and lived in a hut and ate vegetarian food. The other man worked steadily day in and day out and became successful. But the tortoise crossed the line and became the winner.

slow but steady wins the race essay

Slow and steady wins the race, Proverb Stories, Tenses, English Grammar

But only if your rival is way too over confident and plans to take a nap in the middle of the race. No doubt many instances, even from this class of men, may be quitted in its support. Faster one's (most) are not going to stop to rest. If anyone wants to win the race in life, in today's world, he wouldn't be willing to take this risk of counting upon rival's weakness. Thus, steady and patient labor brings success to man. His high and dynamic thinking and novel ways of protesting made the British to respect him and finally got us independence. But he was punished for his neglect of the laws of health by a severe illness, and remainder of his long life produced no literary work of great value. This tiredness and overconfidence lead us to inconsistency and so it is inevitable to face failure to attain the goal. This maxim advises the golden principles of life that a person would lead his life with minimum wants, as human wants are limitless and get multiplied one after another and should assimilate high thinking to serve the people with great deeds. Hence, it is true that slow and steady wins the race. This proverb insists that if our efforts and of course of action are consistent, we can get success though we are slow at out work.