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Thesis on environmental awareness pdf

thesis on environmental awareness pdf

1988 265,943.2 234,945.3 30,998.7.,945 -9.8 207,907.6 32,038.4.,885.2 226,421.8 28,464.2.,995.0 267,932.4 25,063.6.,353.1 300,496.9 33,857.1.,567 -12.2 254,140.6 39,427.4.,531.2. For single bedroom and.for doubles bed room. More than 1250 heritage sites have been identified and documented from 72 districts outside from Katmandu valley. From these findings, I want to go a step further and search for possible explanations and effects that my results have for these societies. Tourist and tourism is so much connected with transport system that historical study of tourist will be concerned with the development of modern transport. Nepal is a small and beautiful country with snow streams and green vistas. My knowledge about the subject comes mainly from living in the German society for my entire life and observing the news and discussions about the subject. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. Efforts should be made to develop trained and skilled manpower at local level to provide efficient services for the satisfaction of tourists. The master plan gave emphasis of tourism marked development, sight seeing, trekking, ecotourism, recreational and adventure tourism. Cultural heritages should be preserved.

Environmental, education And, awareness

A 4-minute introduction to the experience that will transform your relationship to the crisis and opportunity of this time in history. What is thesis on environmental awareness pdf your opinion about the satisfaction of tourists after visiting this place? 1978 156,123.7 130,034.3 26,089.7. I wanted to get clearer about the interviewee's values in regard to the environment and with which facts these values are possibly connected and with which they are not. Join the 1000s and Kickstart Your Environmental Awareness Campaign with The Awakening The Dreamer Symposium. Hetauda Industrial District: Hetauda Industrial District lies at the southern part of Hetauda. It has historical and tactical relation with Gadhi Durbar (big). Most of the problems faced by countries in the periphery, such as poverty, hunger, and environmental destruction, are the consequences of excessive population growth. Kathandu: Quest Publication unep, (2001). The amount of environmental issue seems limitless and while they are all important it is best to initially focus on one cause. The problems of environmental pollution are the same in America and Europe.

Does the interviewee like being in nature thesis on environmental awareness pdf and therefore wants to protect it? You will soon see that all environmental issues are intertwined and will find your niche of interest. It is considered to be the economic backbone of the country. 3.1 Research design For the fulfillment of the study, on the basis of exploratory research and case study various types of research designs was focused on to investigate the impact of tourism activities on sustainable management of natural environment. Historical place like Makawanpur Gadhi is also a best destination for historical place.

1980 162,897.4 139,387.6 23,510.4. Chapter II deals with review of literature. World Travel and Tourism Council (wttc, 2010) reported that, the contribution of travel and tourism industry to employment is expected to rise from.8 per cent (614,000) in 2010.4 per cent of total employment to 914,000 by 2020. Chapter II review OF literature This chapter deals with definition of various concepts regarding tourism/ecotourism reviews all the available literature, journals, books and other available materials related to tourist, tourism, ecotourism, sustainable development and carrying capacity. 37.5 respondents gave emphasis on tourism development and modernization in agriculture, 20 respondents gave emphasis on tourism development and environmental conservation and same as respondents on tourism development and transportation. The destination should be accessible by means of conductive transport system. Does she/he feel being part of nature as a human being? Sociological importance of my project. How many employees are there in your hotel/home stay? Nepal is a synonymous to tourism and is viewed as alternative source of economic development. Likewise.5 equal respondent's emphasis on tourism development and education/ transportation.

Field Research: Comparison of the environmental awareness

Promoting environmental awareness is a crucial part of being an environmental steward. All the stakeholders need to be. Ecotourism is a complex and multidisciplinary phenomenon. Tourists can come to this place for sight seeing, trekking, recreational historical study, observation and investigation etc. Ecotourism provides positive experiences for both visitors and hosts and direct financial benefits for conservation. 5.3.1 Problems of Ecotourism in Study Area The respondents were asked about the problems which couldn't promote Makawanpur Gadhi as ecotourist destinations. Table 3 Religion Composition of Makawanpur Gadhi VDC Religion Total Population Percent Hindu 5756. It explains about Nepalese tourism and ecotourism attractions. 1984 176,634 -1.5 149,920.9 26,714.1. The crops grown in the area are rice, maize, millet, paddy, wheat, potato, mustard and vegetables.

Yes( No( ). 4.1 General Introduction of the Study Area Makawanpur Gadhi area is situated at the western part of district headquarter Hetauda with in 2742'N and 8517'E longitude. It can be developed as a spot for eco-tourism, historical fort. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! It is one of the most possible sources of alternative income generation from natural resources. Pachamama Alliance, is an invaluable resource to help you become environmentally aware. Nepal, when opened to the outside world began to draw the attention of the visitors and tourism flourished so unseeingly. In reality, ecotourism is culturally and environmentally sensitive travel that contributes to conservation and management of nature for sustainable economic development. There is diversity in language and culture. In this context the scope for generating more income in rural area is enormous. Since I have been interested in this subject for about ten years and also plan on working in a job connected to the environment, that is not a very surprising fact. All countries compete with each other to attract tourists.

It has recorded precious orchids, Laligurans (Rhododendron arboretum different types of herbs and trees including cultivated fodder and grasses in the Makawanpur Gadhi area which is considered very rich in plant diversity. Gadhi Durbar: Makawanpur Gadhi lies east of Hetauda, districts headquarter of Makawanpur. Not only is plastic waste an issue, but the production of plastic is also dependent on fossil fuel combustion. Analyzing thesis on environmental awareness pdf Social Settings, taking a subject I am personally very emotional to, may cause methodological and ethical difficulties (Lofland and Lofland, 10). They have also considered water supply and sanitation as a major issue. So I left, for example, the relation between humans and animals out of the interview.

In this study, the research is designed to analyze the condition of ecotourism in Makawanpur Gadhi of Makawanpur District. The main difficulty environmental sociology has to deal with is a constant uncertainty about facts. The decline in tourist arrivals consequently has definitely a direct impact on the overall economic activity. 5.1 Socio-cultural Economic Background of the Respondents The socio-cultural dimension of villagers shows their living standard along with age, economic status, profession, education etc. Ecotourism attraction of country, a region or aside should be elaborated, bearing in mind that these inventories are different features listed. These above mentioned ecotourism activities could have significant impact on employment, education and culture, agriculture and income level of local people. The reservoir is 7 km long and 100 meters deep. Sociology of the Environment. The contribution of Travel and Tourism economy to GDP is expected to rise.4 per cent (Rs.9 billion) in 2010.1 per cent (Rs 182.1 billion) in 2020, according to the wttc that has expected real. Have you done anything for tourism?

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1985 180,989.5 151,870.9 29,119.1.2.,080.1 205,611.9 42,469.1.98. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this document? The image of Standing Bansha Gopal in chains is there. Table 2 Total Population of Makawanpur Gadhi Name of VDC Population No of households Household size Makawanpur Gadhi.0 Age Group Male Female Population over Percent.52.48 100 (Source: population census, 2001) There are equal ratio between male. Now moving towards Ecotourism, the increasing criticism on the negative impact of tourism began in 1980s, as a consequence the concept of soft tourism was developed as an opposite to mass tourism. Fourthly, what are students' opinions in terms of politics and environmental pollution? Tourism itself can seek the market of domestic products like handicraft and other local materials. These industries are the main sources of employment for the people of Makawanpur. Pashupati Temple: Pashupati (Bhubaneshwor) temple is one of the religious places of the district that lies in the central part of the Hetauda city. What is the average number of tourist visiting your hotel? As I have been active in environmental groups myself and defended my very pro-environmental opinion in a lot of discussions, I had a strong interest in the subject, as well as a lot of emotions connected to the subject before I started my research. I can see the differences in the USA where I have lived for a short time.

The condition of the road has to be improved by proper repair and maintenance. These are district development committee Makawanpur, Makawanpur Tourism Board, Gadhi Development Committee, Makawanpur Gadhi paryatan bikash samanwoye samiti-2067, Hem Karna Ban Upabhokta Samiti (women) etc are working for the development and promotion of the historic site. It is more than likely that your children are learning about environmentalism in thesis on environmental awareness pdf school, but it does not have to be limited to school grounds. Following table shows different educational level of the respondents: Table 6 Educational Levels of the Respondents (Local people and Hotel owners) Education Attainment Numbers Percentage Illiterates 22 55 Primary Level 4 10 Secondary Level 6 15 Intermediate Level. Staying up to date on environmental news and reading comprehensive books about environmental threats are both great resources, but if youre the type of person who prefers a more interactive approach, attending environmental seminars is a great option. (.) View, (.)Forest, (.) Historical Forts, (.) Local culture, Peaceful environment, (.) All things /whole. In many places especially in the delicate environment of the Himalayan region the unrestricted entrance of tourists has become a threat. The last question is about students' sources of information. During the symposium a desire and urgency to become an environmental steward is inspired; the symposium appropriately calls this desire as being in a state of blessed unrest. Here are several cause-and-effect problems that harm our environment: Oil Drilling-, this issue is one that causes a great deal of environmental destruction.

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There are 14 mountain peaks which are above 8000m in the whole world, out of which 8 of them lies in Nepal. Findings.1 Questions guide, interview with: male, 21 years old, dual citizen (Canadian and US Caucasion, Canadian family, moved to LA with 5 years, says that he is more connected to Canadian rules, Agnostic, 20 years old brother, international studies/policy major. People in this region practice different culture along with different religion where each God and Goddess holds distinct importance. The literacy level of the respondents was found to be 45 only. So, households should be switched from traditional crops to high value cash crops that are demanded by tourists. The economy of the Makawanpur Gadhi region is mainly based on agriculture and farming. Tourism has emerged as the fastest growing industry thesis on environmental awareness pdf in the world and it is said to be the third largest industry after oil and automobile. In this, researcher observed the daily life of people by watching and listening to their conversation. Nearly 55 percent of the residents are Buddhist. Is pollution a big problem for humanity in this decade or is it a minor problem compared to other problems humanity has to face?

The tourists visit from different countries not just from the English speaking countries. Several university programs use this description as the working definition of ecotourism. Avoid buying paper towels, plastic bottles and bags. Today tourism has become a major enterprise in thesis on environmental awareness pdf Nepal. The technically viable hydroelectric potential of Nepal is about 48 thousand MW but it comes to around.25 percent only. Generally, how long do the tourists stay in your hotel/Home stay? Thus immediate initiation is needed for careful planning for further development of the area so as to ensure that these are in harmony with the natural and cultural environment. According to the EPA transportation adds to 33 of the total atmospheric. Pilgrimages are also famous in Nepal where different shrines, temples and monuments are concentrated. How do European students see the US in terms of environmental politics and vice versa? Education and awareness is lacking in the case of ecotourism and their own natural and cultural assets. The image is most probably chained to prevent theft but people believed that Bansha Gopal is a real god and he used to visit around Makawanpur and Chitawon valley and was lost for several days. This waste ends up all over the globe in both land and water, a good example is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

thesis on environmental awareness pdf