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Essay on us bank corp stock

essay on us bank corp stock

You do not have to worry about its essay on us bank corp stock security. Here is a brief look at these functions: Accepting Deposits, these deposits are basically of four different types: Saving Deposits: These deposits encourage public to save money. Although Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) dominates over all the stock exchanges as it conducts more than 70 per cent of the total transactions of all exchanges but due to lack of proper integration between the stock exchanges, the prices. Moreover, the stock exchange may or may not be registered under the Act. History of Banks, banking service began back in the 14th century in some parts of Renaissance Italy.

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The NSE and otcei have adopted screen based trading system (sbts). The Executive Director of a Stock Exchange must either be appointed by the Government or by sebi as essay on us bank corp stock per the advice from the panel of independent experts, so that he can have independent control over stock brokers. These were set up way back in the 18th century in European countries. They thus aid in the development of various industries in this way. These institutions thus form a vital part of any society. Some of the functions of National banks include supervising foreign exchange, controlling the countrys currency and issuance of paper currency.

These banks also play an important part in land development. (iv) Discriminatory Margins: Indian stock exchanges (SEs) are levying margins on all speculative transactions which are highly discriminatory in character, as the essay on us bank corp stock margins are varying extensively from share to share and also from day to day, ranging between 0 to 40 per cent. In fact, as bank (under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949) is not allowed to carry on any such business (other than that of banking). (ii) Executing of the order by the broker through bargain and listing the bargain in the official daily list of stock exchange. As a large number of buyers and sellers are operating in such market, the collective judgement of such a large number of people brings changes in the level of prices of securities in small graduations in an unending process. The first bank established in India was the Bank of Hindustan. Various banking services such as checking balance, transferring amount, applying for loan are now provided on the banks website. Our relationships are built on trust that we build every day through every interaction. Stack exchanges render valuable services for the preliminary distribution of new issues of capital and also arrange offers for sale of existing securities, in a most systematic and orderly fashion. Thus stock exchanges provide an organised market for transactions in shares and other securities.

These banks accept cash by issuing shares and debentures. Specified shares are getting certain special essay on us bank corp stock facilities such as settlement period, carry forward and clearing which promotes speculation. Fixed Deposits: In a fixed deposit a considerable big amount is deposited in the account for a fixed period of time. Again, the system of imposition of margins has also failed to control excessive speculation in stock exchanges. Essay on the Major Problems in Trading in Indian Stock Exchange. Cash Credits: The customers have the facility to take cash credit up to a certain amount which is fixed in advanced.

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(v) Formation of Governing Body (GB) and Management of Stock Exchange: The formation of GB should be done in a rational way. Encourages Saving Habits, banks offer various schemes from time to time to encourage saving habits in people. These banks help the businessmen establish a foothold in the financial markets. Essay on the Functions of Stock Exchange in India. There are 22 stock exchanges in the country, out of which 20 SEs are regional ones with allocated areas. This type of categorization favours granting of artificial encouragement to a few large companies which has economic justification. The deposits from the customers are turned into securities and bonds in these banks. (iii) Continuous Price Formation: Establishing a process of continuous price formation is another important function of stock exchanges or markets. Here are essays of varied lengths on Bank to help you with the topic whenever you required. In this system, the market makers usually take the responsibility of making of market of specific shares,.e., for buying and selling essay on us bank corp stock a specific share at definite prices.

(ii) Weak Management of SE: Indian stock exchanges are suffering from weak and deficient management and also certain flaws in their structure. (ix) Capital formation: Stock exchanges provides the services to the investors by collecting their savings and by channelizing these savings into investment in securities of various business firms and companies and thereby paves the path for capital formation and also for proper investment of capital. Co-operative Banks Co-operative banks provide loans to small-scale farmers, small-scale businesses and salaried people. Essay on the Functions of Stock Exchange in India: The stock market or stock exchanges are usually discharging some important functions for the orderly and systematic growth of capital market. Advertisements: A bank is an institution that accepts deposits of money from the public withdraw-able by cheque and used for lending. The rate of interest charged on the same varies based on the type and duration of loan. Bank Essay 4 (500 words introduction. By investment transaction, we mean purchase or sale of securities which are done with the long term prospect relating to their yield and price.

After that the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange was started in 1894 in order to facilitate the dealings of shares of textile mills established there. However, the amount cannot be withdrawn before a certain period. The rate of interest is high. Thus the primary market or NIM deals with new securities,.e., with those securities which were not available earlier and are made available before the investing public for the first time. The system improvised over the time and the banks these days offer various other facilities in addition to the basic depositing and lending of money. Thus, there are two essential functions which make a financial institution a bank: (1) Acceptance of chequable deposits (of money) from the public and. They open your savings account, provide credit cards, give loans and provide locker facility among other services. These are mostly found in first world countries. The first one suggests to adopt the margin trading system of USA in which commercial banks provide financial support to the extent of 50 per cent to the buyer in the stock market trading after necessary pledging of shares with a bank.

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They are used for lending to others, and not for financing its own business of any kind (say manufacturing or trade). This uniform system will reduce the risk missing out of price movements in shares and also check the strong tendency towards over speculation and over-concentration of trading activity in a few shares. They provide various other services to its customers such as locker facility, transfer of funds, issuance of drafts and portfolio management to name a few. The carry forward system along with badla financing is highly beneficial to the stock brokers as it adds to their income both directly or indirectly. Businessmen can expand their businesses with this facility. The examples are the LIC, UTI, the idbi etc. In stock market, two types of transactions are held normally, viz., investment transactions and speculative transactions. But this system may not be acceptable to the Government at present as the country has experienced a huge problem of securities scam in the recent past. Banking system has been in place since centuries. Advertisements: On the other hand, the stock market is a potential market for those old securities which are already issued and also granted stock exchange"tion.

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Advertisements: The above discussion implies that neither of the functions alone is sufficient to earn an institution the status of a bank (in the modem sense of the term). It can be repaid in instalments. Aids in Development of Industries, banks accept deposits from individuals and businesses and provide loads to the industries. You can select any bank essay of your choice given below: Bank Essay 1 (200 words the banking system that involves accepting deposits and lending money initiated centuries back in various parts of the world. Similarly, lending alone does not make a financial institution a bank.

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In a carry forward system it is possible to postpone forward premium or charge, popularly known as Badla in India. Banks also act as executors, administrators, advisors and trustees for their customers. The Executive Director (ED) of a stock exchange has also failed to perform its regulatory functions freely as it is very much responsible to Governing Body. Such information are very much helpful for the authorities to restrict and regulate the stock market properly. This system will provide protection to investors and also liquidity to all shares. Exchange Banks These banks are particularly engaged in financing foreign trade. Promotes Agricultural Sector, agricultural sector is an important part of the economy. Conclusion, banks are an important part of any country. The body functions as per the constitutional provisions and by-laws of stock exchange. The following are some of these important functions: (i) Nexus between Savings and Investment: Stock markets establish nexus between savings and investments of the community. These are: (i) Lack of Integration: In India, there are a number of stock exchanges which are scattered throughout the country. Contents: Essay on the Meaning of Stock Exchange. Banks are financial institutions that deal in monetary transactions.

We work as a partner to provide financial products and services that make banking safe, simple and convenient. As on 31st March 1997, 9,890 companies were listed in stock exchanges. In India, the badla financing is becoming very much attractive and as per. Secondary Functions Secondary functions, also known as non-banking functions, are of two types. This should help appreciate the role which banks play in the economic life of the country. These non-profit making institutes serve as bankers to the other banks. The badla is a free market rate which may now be as high as 36 per cent. Consumer Banks These banks have exclusively been set up to provide loan for purchasing durable consumer goods such as car, washing machine, refrigerator, furniture, etc. Banks and other financial institutions that promote the growth of businesses and safeguard the money and other valuable assets of individuals are certainly play an integral role in the development of a countrys economy. Guptas estimates, about Rs 300 to 400 crore may be involved in such type of badla financing. But at the same time, this system promotes speculation and in certain cases over speculation in certain market. This system will also pave the way for easier inter-market transactions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search.

Thus, acceptance, of chequable deposits from the public is only a necessary, but not a -sufficient, function of a bank. (vi) Management Information System: advertisements: The stock markets usually introduce a well designated management information system (MIS) so as to feed the stock exchanges with sufficient information relating to trading volume and prices, trading concentration in certain securities, speculation etc. (iv) Abolishing the System of Carry Forward: The present practice of the system of carry forward adopted by the Indian SEs has led to over-speculation in the stock market. Major Problems in Trading. (vii) Evaluation of Securities: The stock markets usually provide a correct mechanism through which price of various securities offered by different business undertakings are determined through proper evaluation of its present future income yielding capacity. When you keep your money in the bank, it is the banks responsibility to safeguard.

But there is lack of proper integration among these stock exchanges. They are also the two most important functions of a bank. The buyer of stocks and securities can realise their invested capital by selling those stocks and shares to others ready to buy the same at the prevailing price in the stock exchanges. In addition to money, one can also keep jewellery and important papers in the bank lockers. Overdraft: This facility is for businessmen. (iv) Market Making: The stock markets establish a system of market makers at par with all leading stock exchanges of the world. (iii) Margin Trading and Marking to the Market System: As the margin trading system adopted by Indian SEs is defective and has failed to prevent the problem of default and over-speculation,.

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It also eases the process of trading between different countries. You have the option of withdrawing it any time you want. Online Banking has further enhanced the process of banking. These banks are registered under Co-operative Societies Act, 1912. This culture is still prevalent in some villages in the country. It is easy to send and receive funds from anywhere with the advancement in the banking system. These include accepting deposits and providing loans. Gupta suggested two alternatives against this system. Features of Stock Exchange. Some of the main functions of these banks include discounting foreign bills, purchasing and selling silver and gold and providing assistance in carrying out export and import trade. These are the primary functions and the secondary functions. Two other SEs set essay on us bank corp stock up in the post-reform era, viz., National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Over the Counter Exchange of India (otcei) are mandated to have nationwide trading. But to introduce this marking to the market system, it requires total computerisation of trade data.

Bank Essay 2 (300 words introduction. It was opened in the year 1770 in Calcutta. This system also protects the investors from its exploitation by the stock brokers and ensure transaction of shares at best possible market rates and also ensure prompt execution of transaction and liquidity. Our employees are empowered to do the right thing to ensure they share our customers vision for success. Bank of Bombay, Bank of Calcutta and Bank of Madras were set up later in the early 19th century. Which the members have to follow. (vi) Introducing Management Information System: The stock exchanges in the country should introduce a well designed management information system (MIS) so as to feed the SEs with sufficient information relating to trading volume and prices, trading concentration in certain securities. Providing Loans Here are the types of loans and advances offered by the banks: Loans: Loans are offered for both short term and long term period. Essay on the Measures Suggested for the Reform of the Stock Exchange. The word lending is used here broadly to include both direct lending to borrowers and indirect lending through investment in open-market securities.

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The money put in the bank is not only saved but also grows. For this reason, Post Office savings banks are not banks in the accepted sense of a bank, even though some of them accept chequable deposits. Gupta for making necessary changes in the current trade practices in Indian stock exchanges in his Export study of Trading in shares in stock Exchanges: (i) Uniform System of One-Week Settlement: In order to unify all stock exchanges. Some of these services include bill of exchange, overdraft and cheque collection. This has been followed by regional stock exchanges. Banks play an important role in maintaining financial stability in the country. By the term stock exchange, we mean a market where stocks, shares and other kind of securities are bought and sold. Providing loans, which is another primary function of the banks, is also beneficial for individuals and businesses in many ways. The Post Office savings banks are run as departmental agencies of the Central Government, and all the funds deposited with them are in fact lent to the Government, their owner. The lands or other valuable assets of those who were unable to pay the amount were confiscated just as the banks do these days. Moreover, the carry forward system in India is introduced with the objective to promote speculation in a specified group of shares and also to promote spurious kind of share trading. The stock exchange has framed by-laws to settle disputes etc.

Banks promote trade within the country by providing loans and advances to the traders. Advertisements: The preference of investors for a particular industry or for a particular individual unit is reflected in the share price, which again determine the mode of investment. Retail Banks These are the most common types of banks. They do not deal with the general public. Investment Banks These banks are also set up to aid the businesses. In this system, if there is any change in price of stocks at the close of trading, one side will get a debit for a loss and the other side will get a credit for a gain. These are agency functions and general utility functions. Commercial Banks The main aim of these banks is to aid the business class. It is thus provided to the current account holders. Again, in 1908, the Calcutta Stock Exchange was started to arrange a ready market for shares of jute mills and plantation industries. Big businessmen and landlords gave money essay on us bank corp stock to the small traders and farmers on interest in the earlier times. Essay on the Measures Suggested for the Reform of the Stock Exchange: Following are some of the important measures suggested. Land Mortgage Banks Also known as agricultural banks or Land Development banks, these are mainly set up to aid the agricultural sector by financing.

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(ii market Place: Another important function of stock markets or exchanges is to provide a market place for the purchase and sale of securities to the original subscriber and a huge number of buyers for attaining its free transferability. Banks provide loans for the growth and development of the agricultural and industrial sectors. Thus the stock exchange or market is a designated place where shares, stocks and other securities arc bought and sold. Banks form an integral part of any society. (iii) Reporting the deal to the client by the broker after the deal is transacted and recorded in the books of the brokers by sending a contract note, giving details of the security purchased or sold and the price, the. They provide long-term loan to the industries to help them expand and develop. This Act has made the securities of public limited companies freely transferable and also provides for maintenance of ownership records in the book entry form. Charlotte, North Carolina 2,354 302 3, citigroup, new York City 1,917 174 4, wells Fargo, san Francisco, California 1,895 273 5, goldman Sachs. They do not require maintaining a separate account to avail this facility. The system has been prevalent in India as well as other parts of the world. Essay on the Features of Stock Exchange : It would be better to identify some of important features of stock exchange.

A separate cash credit account needs to be maintained for this. (v) Uniform System of Settlement: Another important function of stock exchanges is to unify all stock exchanges on a national basis for introducing a uniform system of one-week settlement. The interest rate here is however quite low. Meaning of Stock Exchange. All the customers require doing is opting for internet banking service. They provide both commercial and retail services to people. The confidence of the investors on such market is very weak as the brokers are always cheating the investors on price of shares and they are also not getting a fair deal in their transactions of shares. We sum up briefly below the main services which banks in India generally perform. All others are non-bank financial institutions. Nature of Transaction: The nature of transaction in all stock exchanges is not similar as it is guided by procedures adopted and the settlement of transactions done in various stock exchanges. The nsdl was set up in October 1996 under the Depository Act, 1996 with the objective of ensuring free transferability of securities with speed, accuracy and security. This leads to over-speculation in the market. The present large scale production system favours formation of joint stock company or corporate form of organisation which is quite suitable for securing large amounts of capital essay on us bank corp stock from those people who possess surplus funds and are willing.