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Psychology day care essay

psychology day care essay

To conclude, daycare is a multifaceted, complex issue. This daycare offers childcare from eight weeks old to twelve years, the kids are separated usually by rooms and in categories. I've decided this for many reasons, the biggest reason being that I think that five babies need more attention than one individual can provide during the day in order to develop at an ideal rate, as per the existing Colorado caregiver to child ratio law. Being truly a nanny myself, I know I've my hands full with two newborns, an example may be fifteen calendar months and the other is eighteen weeks. The problems were rated by teachers and parents which suggests that the length of time in daycare has an effect.

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Individual differences may also play a part as some children may not socialise as well as others. The mother then returned and continued interacting with the child. 2005, Psychology for AS level, Hove: Psychology Press Ltd. (1994) support the argument that day care enhances social development in infants and can be beneficial to their future development. Securly attached children will show distress when the care giver leaves, however are rapidly content on the care givers return. This academy really puts a value on developmental aspects and really stress on every area such as physical, cognitive and sociable areas. They found sociability increased during the time spent at nursery.

The results may also be affected by the childs own personality. The study also lacks longitudinal validity (lack of validity due psychology day care essay to the length of the study) as the children may have become more sociable after the study finished. Also, Shea (1981 studied children aged 3-4 and found that they were more sociable during their time in nursery. An infant's body advances quickest starting at the head followed by the rest of the body progressing downward and the parts closest to the guts of the body mature a lot more quickly than parts further away, such as hands and. Creating parts with caregivers is the most important part of infant's cultural development. This study involved the mother/caregiver, child and a stranger.

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They found 3 different types of attachment, secure, resistant and avoidant. Much like social development, there is a variety of studies that have been conducted into effects of day care on cognitive development. The eppe project in the I-JK found different results to the nichd study in the USA. They can learn social skills for development. Sylva et al (2003) did a study called The Effective Proviison of Pre-school Education (eppe) Project. It is different from institutionalised care which provides permanent substitute care. Day care is care provided by people other than the parents or relatives of the infant. The nichd study in the USA aimed to study the effect of daycare on children by conducting a longitudinal study. They may start to learn how to read and write and complete simple maths sums, again, giving them a head start against those children who had been cared for at home. AS, psychology, pSYA1: developmental, psychology, effects OF, dAY. They found no large differences between nursery and home groups on cognitive and attachment assessments. Resistant attachment is characterised by children being insecure in the presence of the caregiver, and become very distressed on the caregiver leaving.

In a high quality day care, the child should be able to have enough attention and care of staff to make attachments with peers and staff while they are away from their main parent/s carer attachment. Day care is considered a temporary alternative to the primary care giver. However, the strange situation test could not be a valid measure as it only captures one particular issue; stranger fear. This time period is the most speedy period of expansion in an lifetime time and certain things need to go right in order for that infant to build up into a normal, healthy individual. However, this complex area involves many variables and therefore it is difficult to draw a meaningful conclusion which is a weakness of the study. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. Qualified writers in the subject of psychology are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. During the course of the first 2 yrs a child builds the building blocks for the rest of the lives and need quality nutrition, healthcare, tenderness and touch, relationship and newness constantly. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! However, this study lacks external validity (can the findings be applied beyond the setting of the study) due to the children being videotaped as they may have changed their behaviour due to this. " More often than not the infants were either sleeping or being used in some fashion and all the caregivers appeared very able to perform all duties contained in the job well. 1,200 children were studied from birth until they started school.

The two that happen in infancy, or the first 3 years in this case, are the dental and anal periods. However, Bowlby can be criticised for researcher bias as he conducted the research himself and therefore could have swayed the results to show what he wanted them to show. Further psychological research into daycare came psychology day care essay from Belsky and Rovine (1988) who considered the findings of the nichd and eppe projects. Sheas (1981) study involved videotaping three and four year olds during their first 10 weeks at nursery. This website was a fantastic tool for figuring out the key components of development in infancy as well as the information about John Bowlby's connection theory. Therefore this study is lacking in external and ecological validity. This therefore shows that as long as the day care is of high quality then being in day care is beneficial for children. However, the Clarke-Stewart. Bowlby's theory implies that there are different degrees of connection during infancy and each stage has a new relevance on the child's development. There have been a variety of studies into the effects of day care on social development. However, they also found that if young children were in nursery for more than 6 hours per day then it was less beneficial. Hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on psychology essay question daycare specifically for you, fOR only.38.9/page.

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The physical composition of the brain is also changing during this time period, the mind triples in weight by enough time a child gets to three years old. I noticed that each baby wasn't necessarily on a single routine; the caregivers have exactly as the parents wished and had a very planned system in doing. When the care giver returns the child is resistant of contact with the care giver and are nervous of the stranger. We will write a custom essay sample on psychology essay question daycare specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on psychology essay question daycare specifically for you, fOR only.38.9/page. You will find just situations that come at all times that are similar to that. This is a strength of the study because the sample was large and carefully planned to include a range of children from different social backgrounds which means more secure conclusions can be drawn. Avoidant attachment is characterised by the child not seeking contact with the care giver. This is like repeating the study to check for reliability, so if the same results are found using different research methods then reliability can be claimed. Care, oN social development, letter-, should you take your child to day care?

I chose to visit the La Petite Academy out of Louisville, Colorado to do my day worry observation. Word count: 1625 Eysenck,. He thought that sexuality begins at very young age which is further developed through various fixations. Some parents choose different alternatives over day look after their infants including staying home with them themselves, finding a nanny or babysitter or going out of them with family members or friends. While La Petite Academy acquired a very excellent program and facilities, knowing what I do about the value of development during infancy I must say that a day treatment probably wouldn't be my first choice. I decided this day service because I had fashioned heard good stuff about it and tested the website and liked what I read. The research discussed shows that children gain valuable skills for school while in day care which gives them an advantage compared to those children who had been cared for at home. Bowlby concluded that maternal separation in a childs early years could cause permanent emotional damage. There have been enough cribs for every infant and plenty of equipment in strategic areas of the "classroom. I am in a position to foster their development on a far more individualized level and also have developed a very loving relationship with them. The results of this study showed that the children who spent early continuous and ntensive time in daycare were likely to have more behavioural problems, such as aggression and disobedience, later than children who did not. Children also had better independence and concentration the longer they had been in daycare.

I was very impressed with this center; I feel that if I were to send my own child to a day care, i would pick a place like this. Increased sociability was greater in those attending the nursery for five days a week, compared to those attending for 2 days per week. They were very quick to change diapers and each child had a particular schedule that was coordinated with each individual parent. When I've children I am going to probably make an effort to retain the services of a nanny or participate in a nanny share, where children from different family members promote a nanny. The sample size was also rather small and so on a larger scale there may have been different results. Clarke-Stewart et al (1994 studied 3-4 year olds in day care. This theory declares that there are four phases of attachment, instead of Erikson's single stage, and includes the pre-attachment stage, attachment-in-making phase, clear-cut attachment period and reciprocal interactions stage. I'd just want my baby to be so long as love so they can have that attachment using their caregiver and thrive in all regions of development. Hire Writer, it was found that nursery-type daycare, as oppose to home day - care, led to improvements in cognitive and language development but also increased behavioural problems such s disobedience. You can view samples of our professional work here. Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget developed the modern theories about cognition in infants, his theory state governments that newborns are born with no mental framework set up and only little by little build a conceptualization of the world through their activities with. Retrieved Apr 20, 2010 from University of Illinois Psychology Team: http www.

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This involved gathering data by various methods such as observations, interviews and surveys. (1994) studied time spent in day care and quality of attachment to see if psychology day care essay there was a correlation. (1980 on the other hand, completed a study into cognitive development of children by setting up their own nursery of mixed social class in Boston, USA. Low quality daycare was particularly bad for children with mothers who lacked sensitivity. (12 marks) Daycare is where a child is cared for by someone other than its parents for some part of the day and it could be considered a form of short term deprivation.

psychology day care essay

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Roggman et al compared children who had been cared for at home to those who had been placed in day care before the age of one. The weight of an infant quadruples by enough time they reach 2 yrs old and their span typically psychology day care essay expands by of what it was at delivery. There were many indications that sociability increased, including a decreased distance from the nearest child, a decrease in aggression and an increase in rough-and-tumble play. They studied 3,000 children and used observations and interviews with parents and practitioners. (1994) also found that day care enhanced social development in young children. Inside the anal stage that same pleasure options are developed through the anus by defecating or retaining feces. A quality nutrition and health care will help to ensure the physical and cognitive development of an infant, if a child is provided the resources they can excel in many areas. John Bowlby (1946) completed a study entitled 44 Juvenile thieves. This study has low ecological validity (findings relevant to situation) as the quality of day care has increased in the last 15 years. Day health care can be a great choice, but it can have its pros and cons, and finding the right day care for an infant is essential to their development during such an important time of progress. However a weakness of the nichd study is that the findings took place in one culture, the USA, and may not be able to be generalised to other cultures. Infants at this service are children that are from eight weeks old to twelve months old. Some of those children were cared for at home, others with a child minder and the rest of the participants were placed in nursery.

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The study, talked about above, conducted by Clarke-Stewart. (1994) suggests that attachment was not affected by day care. On the other hand, there is evidence that attendance at day care does not affect emotional development. He found that the important features of daycare are quality, quantity and type of daycare. However, this study lacks population validity and so cannot be generalised. They also found that the longer the children had been in day care the better their scores were on the assessments. They aimed to look at the impact of preschool provision on a childs intellectual, behavioural and social development. He also claimed that once the damage had been done it could never be reversed. Furthermore, the study found that the earlier a child started daycare, the better the intellectual improvement. All children were assessed at the age of 8 years old and all the children who had been placed in day care achieved consistently better on both Verbal and Mathematical tests.