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Dinosaur extinction essay

dinosaur extinction essay

For example, it is unlikely that a vast amount of volcanoes would all erupt at around the same time, and there is no scientific evidence to explain this. He believes that a cloud of methane gas was erupted from the ocean causing catastrophic floods and fires which killed off the dinosaurs. Are among the most difficult questions in paleontology. Because of the set-up of how the Solar System revolves, from time to time it passes by clouds of unusually thick galactic dust, or dinosaur extinction essay clouds of hydrogen gas. This shows that scientists are still investigating the matter. The volcanic fogs caused by the massive volcanic eruption may have been caused the vegetation to obliterate because the thick fog was blocking the sunlight and also causing water sources to be acidic. The supernova could release a rush of neutrinos causing sickness, mutation, and cancers in plants and animals.

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It has been of vast interest to many scientists how creatures the size of the dinosaurs could have been wiped out of existence. This in return may have caused the suns ultraviolet rays to wipe out some of earths life forms. Also, as the elements were found deep below the surface, this suggests that the asteroid hit the Earth a long time ago, also supporting the asteroid impact theory. From two different sources2, I have found out that the last of the dinosaurs were estimated to have become extinct over 65 million years ago. A successful theory is said to have been a theory that has not only explained why dinosaurs become extinct but also why and what happened to the marine ecosystems, why so many plants and animals died out and why some were able to survive.

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None of the theories that have been made are proved so this gives an opportunity to decide which of the possible theories that I believe to be the most likely. The three theories I have studied all have valid arguments, and without the other theories I would believe each one. There are many technologies used in dinosaur studies. The asteroid is believed to have caused massive forest fires, tidal waves, and huge storms and perhaps most importantly blocked out the sunlight for at least six months. This is not dinosaur extinction essay to say that all extinction hypotheses are not science; many are excellent examples of good science, but a linkage of direct causation is a problem. The unreliability is shown in the lack of support by scientists.5 This graph (taken from m) shows how there is no record of temperatures falling during or near the time of the dinosaur extinction.

This means that extinction might be caused by a gradual process or by a sudden catastrophic event that was experienced by the dinosaurs and the species living along with. (Cowen,1994) The Fossil records that are being used as basis for the theories being presented are not as accurate. However, different claims about this evidence could be made, and still supported. His hypothesis is that the asteroid impact may have caused poisonous sulphur dioxide and carbon gases that, along with the dust from the cloud, choked the dinosaurs to death. Plants and animals may have died because of this, making living stressful for them. This might have contributed to severe competition and rivalry among species like the dinosaurs. Other than this piece of evidence, none other has been found, which may be why many scientists discard this idea as unlikely. The theory has been around for a long time, and although it has not been widely dismissed by scientists, it has not developed.4 Therefore, a lot of questions about this theory go unanswered. Scientists calculate that the eruption would cause over ten times more impact on the change of climate than the asteroid theory. Scientists have fought for many years about the reasons and theories on how the dinosaurs disappeared. It is suspected that the first dinosaur fossils were discovered over 2000 years ago, by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The volcanic eruption theory cannot explain why these animals were left while the dinosaurs were killed.

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The fossils indicate that something suddenly made the water cold enough to support these tiny critters. M What Killed The Dinosaurs? This iridium-enriched layer is present at numerous localities in Europe, North America, and the deep sea. Though most of the large vertebrates died out, not all of organisms or living things was wiped out. However, although the theory has many strong and believable factors, some scientists do not believe that the asteroid impact theory is true. This could possibly happen because supernova releases huge quantity of electromagnetic radiation that is in parallel to a nuclear bomb. Also, after the extinction of the dinosaurs, there were still some small mammals and fish left alive. Fossil evidence also shows that more than half of the dinosaurs (many large plant-eating dinosaurs crocodiles, and turtles of the time were gone before the show more content, the sulphate, combined with water from the atmosphere, would have formed sulphuric acid clouds. Evidence for this theory is in sediments of layers of clay that are rich in iridium that have been found around the world. Scientists reasoned that because of the continuous eruption, the planet was getting warmer, which is because of large stores of methane gas frozen on the ocean floor that was released. It said to happen when the core of a star collapses, where part of the core and outer layers are shot outward creating a huge explosion cloud while some parts of the exploded star creates a black hole as they collapses inward. His evidence is fossils that show a rise in carbon-12 isotopes.

The proof of the dinosaur s existence originally comes back to fossils (preserved remains of organisms) found in the ground. However, this is true of all theories, and therefore the argument for the case against shows a poor argument. It suggests that the dinosaur extinction coincided with the final flow of lava from the eruption. Paleontologists divide extinction into two types: background extinction and mass extenuation. The evidence linked with this theory backs up the claims made, but does not prove. The theory also makes scientific sense when explained with the asteroid theory.

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However, although both sources state the same information on how long ago the dinosaurs were alive, they are not very reliable sources, as they are not well known or professional. Asteroid Theory, it was stipulated that a massive asteroid struck Earth that forced the like of dinosaurs to extinction. This might have caused the predation of some mammals, eating dinosaur eggs to prevent anew generation form coming. If an asteroid wants to hit the earth its going to try to regardless to how people treat the environment. They have reported that a spike in helium 3, a type of helium thats rare on Earth and typically of extraterrestrial origin, in a layer of sediment dated to that time frame.

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This claim is merely a theory, and is backed up with little evidence. There are so many of these likes that are hidden within the rocks meaning there could still be some answers that have not yet been unearthed. Evidence, there have been various pieces of evidence that suggest the asteroid impact theory is likely. It was said that this might have contributed to the fact that dinosaurs were unable to thrive because they have lost their eggs in the predation cycle. (Cowen,1994) All the presented theories were able to make a justifiable point why dinosaurs went into extinction. We theorise that the meteor strike produced huge quantities of sulphate particles, such as are often blown high into the atmosphere during a volcanic eruption, and these particles shielded the Earths surface from sunlight. There have been at least 55 theories that have been suggested and thrown out because of problems. The theory was that the dust from the collision infuses in the upper atmosphere which in return has caused global darkness. The great extinction that wiped out all of the dinosaurs, dinosaur extinction essay large and small, in all parts of the world, and at the same time brought to an end various lines of reptilian evolution, was one of the outstanding. This theory is one of the most common and widely believed theories about extinction of the dinosaurs. For example, although we know an asteroid hit earth, scientists cannot prove that it was the same time the dinosaurs became extinct. Or Why did dinosaurs evolve? (Blanchard) Basalt has little trapped gas in it, and tends to erupt non-explosively, rather flowing smoothly, and sometimes nearly continuously creating volcanic fogs.

Theories about the extinction, until today, theories are still being developed to give light to what happen to the species that died out and how. It was theorized that a supernova, within 10,000 light years of the Earth, may have exploded causing the disruption in the chemistry of the atmosphere. This evidence suggests that an asteroid collided with Earth, supporting the asteroid impact theory. It is very important to educate people on the past, for the future. Each population of large animals had evolved with its own unique parasites and diseases, and had developed a degree of immunity to them. The earth could have been devastated by a supernova that is within 50 light years away. The evidence that does back up the theory can be explained in little other ways. A team of researchers, from Holland and Italy found cold-water plankton in an area in modern day Tunisia, which was previously thought to have been a warm sea. After which the brown smog was said to have caused the ice age as it then triggered the Earth to cool. There seems to be more evidence that backs up the volcanic eruption theory than the asteroid impact theory.

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However, the arguments for state only that it is likely that the theory is true, and cannot prove that the theory is definitely true. The evidence is also not solid, and can be explained in other ways. These scientists are Luis and Walter Alvarez, Frank Asaro, and Helen Michel; they were the pioneers of dinosaur extinction essay the mechanism for the K-T extinction or the boundary between the Cretaceous period (K) and the Tertiary period (T) or the Mammal age. It was projected that the same kind of Nuclear Winter brought about by the giant meteor impact was caused by the explosive episodes in and the overspill of lava. Volcanic Eruption Theory, the iridium spike in K-T boundary was assumed to have been because of the basaltic lava eruptions of the Deccan Traps of western India. The claim that Gerta Keller has made that it was the asteroid that caused the extinction is supported in the evidence given.

Other methods of age determination are often less accurate or less useful in certain situations. Said Matthew Huber of Indianas Purdue University. However, the first recorded dinosaur fossil found was in 1676, discovered in England. Sudden Methane Explosion Gregory Ryskin of Northwestern University believes that methane is reason that the dinosaurs perished. One way that our country is helping citizens learn about these fascinating creatures that existed so long ago and what happened to them, is our beautiful museums. There is also fossil evidence in Texas and Mexico, which supports the volcanic eruption theory. This could include students as intelligent as the average year 9 or above as well as adults. This is because the evidence that supports the theory cannot prove the theory is true; it can only back.

Marine species died out because their favorite haunts the shallow seas dried up and went away. This case study is aimed at the general public, and for people who do not know very much about dinosaurs, but are interested. The latest theory suggests that the dinosaurs were killed by a meteorite impact, a collision like that would throw enough dust into the air to block out the sun and cause the temperature. The scientist Gerta Keller from the Princeton University suggests that there is more evidence for the volcanic eruption happening at the same time as the species extinction than the asteroid impact theory. This is the theory that a massively large number of volcanoes took part in a chain reaction, and they all erupted together. There is little other explanation for the evidence. However the problem lies that most of dinosaur extinction theories have not yet been really proven or disproved that is why it still could not be considered as part of science. Life of the Past (4th Ed).Pages 252-254 Blanchard, Donald.

dinosaur extinction essay