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Ontology mapping thesis

ontology mapping thesis

For example, there is no visual support within cogz to concatenate or split property values, however, these are supported within ATL. Mapping PhD thesis, dept. These extensions involved combining techniques from both software modeling and ontology modeling. This is necessary for manipulation of core visual elements. Submitted footnotes, and that neither the thesis nor the original work contained therein. 3 The Tool r u l e mappingrule from IN : s h r i m p b i b! A modular ontology of data mining Department of Knowledge In this thesis, we propose a reference modular ontology for the domain of data. In addition to software modeling languages, transformation languages have also been designed to facilitate the transformation from one model to another, or from PIM to PSM.

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A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master Ontology Mapping with Auxiliary ontology mapping thesis Resources Maastricht University The research reported in this thesis has been carried out under the auspices. Journal of Information Science, 28(5,. To create customized visualizations of ontology instance data, we extended cogz by combining technologies from software modeling and ontology engineering. Proposed using sparql queries to transform RDF triples between ontologies. Bull demonstrated how to generate the same view using MDV. We believe a more appropriate algorithm would put a higher priority on data type comparison once some concept to concept mappings are manually generated.

Ontology alignment, the process of determining correspondences between concepts in ontologies. Software models typically consist of classification hierarchies. In Proceedings of the Ninth ieee International Symposium on Object and Component-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing (isorc pages,.-A. Unified ing Language (UML version.1.1, (Formal/ available at. The data from the web was mapped to the domain ontology, and the semantic bridging ontology determined how the domain ontology was mapped to the visual representation ontology. To do this, we ontology mapping thesis drag mapping lines from the source concept User to the target concept GraphNode, Area to GraphNode, and finally Document to GraphEdge. In this paper we focus. 5.1 Ontology Instance Data Visualization Gilson. In this paper, we explore this idea by demonstrating how to leverage existing software modeling tools along with ontology mapping tools to generate highly customized visualizations. We believe by integrating the concepts from both disciplines, we can leverage strengths of each discipline and enable the rapid specification and generation of customized visualizations of ontology instance data. Ontology Mapping, citeSeerX cess of ontology mapping for the purpose of improving semantic inter- operability. We extended cogz to support a property value editor for concept to concept mappings. The property editor allows the end-user to assign this value to the property and this will automatically be associated with the corresponding mapping rule, see Listing.

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The GraphNode may have properties such as color, size, shape, etc. R a n g e ) Listing 2: Document to GraphEdge ATL mapping rule. Retrieved from " ". We also assign several data type property mappings to configure the labels for the GraphNode mappings. In Proceedings Eurographics / ieee ontology mapping thesis vgtc Symposium on Visualization,. A variety of tools to explore and navigate ontologies have been developed; Jambalaya 20, OntoRama 8, TGVizTab 1, and OntoSphere 3 are but a few of these tools. User to OUT : d i s t i n c t n o d e l i n k!

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We begin by discussing relevant background about software modeling (Section 2). Previous research indicates that this interface helps users create mappings faster and with more accuracy than the default prompt view. Driven Visualization: Towards a Driven Engineering Approach for Information Visualizations. Another promising approach is described by Scharffe. These visualizations are meant to ontology mapping thesis assist scientists with exploring and understanding their data. Of Computer and Information. The goal of the visualization toolkit is to provide a general means of rapidly developing and deploying ontology-specific instance data visualizations to Bio- Portal. The Pragmatics of -Driven Development. Driven Development: Its Essence and Opportunities. Thesis, transformation-based, ontology Mapping This thesis is about matching similar SQL SQL databases and transforming.1 SchemaMatcher overview ontology mapping concept. Visualization of semantic metadata and ontologies. Marshall Digital Scholar paper presents ontology mapping categories, describes the characteristics.

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Transforming s with ATL. Semantic-Oriented Cross-Lingual Ontology Mapping I declare that this thesis has not been submitted as an exercise for a degree at this One approach to cross-lingual ontology mapping (clom the translation. Improving Schema Mapping by Exploiting Domain Knowledge The thesis shows an approach for the modeling of domain and integration knowledge in an ontology and, based on this, develops a schema mapping approach University of Oxford Extending and Optimizing an Ontology. In swap, the 2nd Italian Semantic Web Workshop. For example, assume we map a concept User from a source ontology to the concept GraphNode in a target visualization ontology. The term mapping is used in this thesis to refer.

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S exist for node-link diagrams, charts, maps and treemaps, among others. We map the area reference property to the GraphEdge s destination property, while the readby property is mapped to the GraphEdge s source property. 5.2 Instance Data Mediation There has been a variety of research on ontology mapping thesis transforming ontology instance data from a source to target ontology based on mappings. Bull 5 developed a model-based approach to generating visualizations called Driven Visualization (MDV). Cognitive support for semi-automatic ontology mapping In this thesis, we explore the user-side of mapping, specifically investigating how to guide the development of an ontology mapping tool called cogz. A language to specify mappings between ontologies. This approach is attractive as it works directly with the concepts and relationships of the ontologies and sparql syntax is designed for extracting and translating data. This can be a time consuming process and the resulting applications are not easily re-usable or configurable for other ontologies.

ontology mapping thesis

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The mappings are recorded in an alignment ontology, which stores mapping relationships as instance data. By visually specifying mappings in cogz from the ontology mapping thesis source ontology to the target visualization ontology, data level transformations are generated that can be used to automatically create information visualizations. The resulting visualization is shown in Fig. Software models, while designed and developed to assist engineers with the process of building quality software, share a number of commonalities with ontologies. The conversions and generating process happen automatically and are hidden from the user.

A framework to support semantic interoperability in product design Doctoral Thesis. University of Dublin Fuzzy ontology phd thesis Fuzzy Ontology Phd Thesis bestwritingpaperessay. We want to represent both users and areas as nodes and link these based on representing documents as edges. The ncbo provides an online tool called BioPortal for uploading and sharing biomedical ontologies. In the following, we demonstrate how a mapping can be used to describe the desired visualization. Document to OUT : d i s t i n c t n o d e l i n k! In our collaborations with the National Center of Biomedical Ontology (ncbo) 1, we are developing an in- 1 formation visualization toolkit. In IUI 02, pages, 2002). Second, data instances for the attributes and each ontology entity were searched using these paths ontology mapping thesis and some additional heuristics. The rule describes which source class is being mapped to a target class and which properties should be mapped between the two con- 4 Figure 4: Mappings from domain ontology to visualization ontology.

Ieee Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 13(6,. Due to the overlap between software modeling and ontology development, we have started investigating if modeling technologies, and in particular Driven Visualization, can be applied to the process of customizing ontology visualizations. To demonstrate the feasibility of this approach, we chose to regenerate an ontology instance data visualization discussed by Allen 2 and Bull. Examples of such languages include the Unified ing Language (UML) 16 and the Eclipse ing Framework (EMF). 6 Future Work Although we are able to create instance data visualizations using the current cogz extensions, there are cases that are currently not supported without manual manipulation of the ATL rules. In Knowledge Capture (K-Cap 03 Workshop on Visualization Information in Knowledge Engineering,. Indicate, sparql is missing a number ontology mapping thesis of needed transformation constructs to fully support ontology data mediation.

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In the next section, we discuss a specific example demonstrating how this mapping process works. We integrated cogz with the MDV toolkit for executing ATL rules and generating visualizations. The language they propose uses an XML syntax, and a Java API has been provided for parsing and serializing the methods for mapping. Following this, we briefly discuss related work (Section 5). This allows the user to assign values to a target concept s property for a spe- 3 3 Figure 2: A simplified representation of graph viewer model. PhD thesis, University of Victoria,. Addison Wesley,. Allen developed an ontology to describe researchers, research areas, research documents, and the relationships between these concepts (Fig. C o m p u t e C r o s s P r o d u c t ( ) ) ( d e s t i n a t i o. If you need high-quality papers done quickly and with zero traces of plagiarism, PaperCoach is the way. By developing software in this manner, the same PIM can be used on a number of different platforms. A Cooperative Approach for Composite Ontology Mapping Ontology mapping is the process of linking corresponding terms from different. The complete mapping as represented by cogz is displayed in Fig.

Using those mappings and visualization toolkits, a set of rated visualizations was calculated. 1 Creating visualizations through ontology mapping Sean. Prompt relies primarily on lexical similarities between the models, however, with this particular application, it is unlikely that the source model will have ontology mapping thesis concept names lexicographically similar to the view model. Also, moving forward, we would like to generate webbased visualizations. Their algorithm relied on a visualization specification and a set of ontology entities. Each of these mappings are simple one-to-one mappings and the rule generation is straight-forward. The mappings were represented by the semantic bridging ontology, which the authors assumed to be created by experts. Toolkits have even emerged that allow knowledge and software engineers to convert their data between ontology and software model representations.

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Instance, when mapping the terms reference/ thesis (where reference is the. PhD Thesis Semantics 2016 creator of! Prompt s default algorithm does not perform well for this type of mapping scenario. Since ATL only works with software models, we automatically convert the source and target OWL models into EMF and use the EMF versions for data transformation. We demonstrate this process with a case study in Section.

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