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My personal nursing philosophy essay

my personal nursing philosophy essay

The attitude of a nurse, whether it was to be a positive one or negative can affect the well-fare of their patients. Both advocate the extensive use of discrepant events and that the teacher should often act as a guide on the side so students may learn for themselves. It is my hope that these passions will combine to kindle a similar passion for learning in the students in my care. The feeling like this is largely because I always wanted to bring positive changes into persons life. As a nurse, when I care for a person, I have to consider the persons physical, mental and spiritual well being and deliver a very structured and exceptional care that will nourish the persons health need. Philosophies are personal views and are influenced by different facets of the nurses development and educational background.

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A nurse's prime focus should be nurturing the patient with an incredible amount of affection and genuinely care about them and their wellbeing. The third concept is environment. I share similar value with the UHV-SON (2013) on health education and promoting the nursing profession. Although initially it may seem to cause more work to engage the family, in the long term, work and life is made easier by their inclusion. Now I know that I can change this world for a better place.

That is the idea I will hold to during all my life. If my philosophy is evolving then it stands to reason that this evolution will keep it current and adapted to any particular time and place wherein it is practised. We must keep in mind that she was working in the late 1800s. A good relationship between nurse and patient ensures that the patient is more willing to entrust his care with the nurse. Janet Nelsen in her book Positive discipline in the classroom: Developing mutual respect, cooperation and responsibility in your classroom. As a nurse, I have a responsibility to help the person with his or her needs. The impact is very great. My philosophy as a student nurse is that nurses must have a liability to the society to present safe, holistic, patient-centered care. I propose to measure my personal philosophy of teaching and learning against the standard created by the five principles of philosophy outlined by George Counts. I am fortunate because I have access to a tremendous wealth of resources like the Curriculum Planner, experienced teachers, and board sponsored workshops. This dream dates back to my childhood.

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While putting the patient first it is sometimes difficult in a structured setting. The other important benefit will be a chance to build on my understanding of the science and theory that lies behind nursing. Howard Gardner who developed the theory of multiple intelligence which states that students learn in several different ways (Gardner, 1983). This is a philosophy of nursing that reflects the beliefs and values of Alicia Waggoner. She recognized the importance of clean air and water and adequate ventilation and sunlight and encouraged the arrangement of patients beds so that they were in direct sunlight (Black Chitty 2014). The list includes children and elderly people. Every patient is unique and patient care is adapted to fit each individual patient. As a mother of two children, my experience with a pediatric doctor who has no time to educate his patient has led me to be determined to further empathize the importance of educating a patient regarding his/her unique health. Preventative care of the nurse helps ensure the health of the nurse. My brother suggested me the idea to become a doctor. My personal philosophy of teaching and learning is a product of many influences including experience, instruction, a melding of the philosophies of past educators and an intrinsic sense of what is right.

The art of nursing is the empathic drive that initiates the nurse to care when she see a sick person that has a need to be fulfilled physically and mentally. ANY topic specifically, fOR YOU, fOR only.90/page, write my sample. Depending on the particular needs of the patient, as nursing students we must prioritize these ideas and provide the best care suitable for the situation. I believe that the environment comprises of everything and anything around the patient that influences their recovery and disease. I believe learners are individuals who bring a unique set of needs and abilities to the classroom and that they should my personal nursing philosophy essay be encouraged to become responsible for their own learning, especially as they mature.

What good would the things around the patient do if he or she is depressed about their disease? I recognize through this philosophy that students bring different biological, psychological and social experiences to the classroom. I am seeking a baccalaureate in nursing and aspire to be a crna in future. My philosophy of nursing correlates with the philosophies of Florence Nightingale as well as Betty Neuman. When combined my personal nursing philosophy essay together, these qualities would reflect on the nurse and would make caring for the patient easier.

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The childs world of science and technology: A book for teachers. Finally, Freidrich Froebel, the founder of kindergarten, may be cited in support of this belief as he emphasized the importance of the learners own self-activity (Van Nuland, 2001). It states that it is the teachers role to help students make their own choices and become their own person (Van Nuland, 2001). I play a lot of roles in my life. If run properly, this meeting will constitute a safe, comfortable environment in which we can praise each other, share my personal nursing philosophy essay our successes and resolve any problems within the classroom. The implementation of the four meta-paradigm concepts of person, health, environment, and nursing will be throughout this paper to describe the similarities and differences between different philosophies of nursing. Computers cannot replace the level of care that a nurse provides.

Now I have decided to take very important step in my life earn my Bachelors degree. Florence Nightingale was the philosophical founder of modern nursing and the first recognized nurse theorist. To figure out ones philosophy of nursing, the nurse has to first figure out what nursing means to the individual. Works Cited, black,., Chitty,. I will provide nursing skills, i have learned through the years with compassion while helping my patient toward wellness. The first belief that I propose to defend further is that learners are individuals who bring a unique set of needs and abilities to the classroom and that they should be encouraged to become responsible for their own learning, especially as they mature. The theory of multiple intelligence, developed. Finally, gatherings like the 2001 Checkmark Conference on Assessment will provide wonderful opportunities to view various methods of adjusting my teaching and assessment, helping me stay up to date on the latest ways to facilitate learners. It has to do more with the external factors as stated by Pesut and McDonal (2007 such as family problems, stress and work issues that can have a major impact in some one internal pain. I will inquire about their extra curricular activities, coach as many of their teams or clubs as I can and have regular contact with their parents.

In their book Bennett and Smilanich state that inclusiveness is what a teacher does to ensure that all students experience a sense of belonging. We can now compare Nightingales philosophy with Neumans systems model. I know that the decision like that needs personal strength and power. The importance of a safe environment is also reflected in the Ontario Governments policy on Safe Schools which has been adopted by the Avon Maitland District School Board, among others. In many cases I experienced the desire to help these people. Adherents to the philosophy of Idealism maintain that education is the process of unfolding and developing that which is a potential in the human person (Van Nuland, 2001). The nurse must exhibit this philosophy to their patients at all times. Furthermore, I will be a better student nurse tomorrow than I was today.

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As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I have seen the belief that a classroom must be welcoming, safe and the responsibility of those who use it practised successfully. The other important thing is that nursing is a field that is concerned with helping people. Pdf University of Houston Victoria School of Nursing Student Handbook. As a nurse, I dont just treat the body of the person; I see the person as whole. The challenge that I look forward to most is providing a welcoming, culturally diverse environment, free of prejudice, gender bias, and violence. A person may be an individual, a family or a community. Having shown that each of these belief statements are grounded in past philosophies of education I would like to continue to defend them by connecting them to more modern thought and my own practical experience. I assist individuals, families and communities to achieve maximum health potential, and I do this because I think it is the right thing to do regardless who I serve. The meta-paradigm concepts of nursing are person, health, environment, and nursing. The environment was the main component in Nightingale's nursing beliefs. I do not believe I can completely avoid the sage on the stage approach, as my Faculty Advisor,. Nurse Educator.4 (2003 166-169.

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Betty Neuman is a modern theorist whose Health Care Systems/Model grows on Nightingales original ideas to encompass issues of the mind such as emotions and feelings, expectations and matters of personal life such as finances, relationships, etc. The purpose of a school according to Idealism is to expose students to the wisdom in cultural heritage so that they can know, share and extend it (Van Nuland, 2001). The third belief, of those chosen for further defense, is supported by Barrie Bennett and Peter Smilanich who co-wrote Classroom management: A thinking and caring approach. Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice, Philosophy of nursing (pp. The most challenging belief to bring into practise in the classroom will be to treat learners as individuals who bring a unique set of needs and abilities to the classroom and who should be encouraged to become responsible for their. On a personal level, I have the opportunity to impact someones everyday life. Other than the things around the patients to comfort them, their state of mind is also an area to focus. As a result, I do believe in virtues in this life. I hope to build caring, trusting rapport with my patients as well as play a decisive role in their well-being. This philosophy will cause me to be constantly aware of the value of the approaches others take to teaching and I will be open to incorporate the best practices I see into my evolving philosophy. This is also how the theory of Pragmatism sees the teachers role.

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A plan of care for each patient should be written and followed specifically for that patient. Nurses are caregivers equipped with knowledge and empathy. Now I am working on mine BSN with hopes of becoming a crna. Selanders,., Crane,. My perception for nursing practice concentrates on doing what is most helpful to my patient. The Voice of Florence Nightingale on Advocacy. Even toughness of the working schedule of a number does not withdraw me from the idea of pursuing the career of nurse. All members of the circle will be afforded the opportunity to speak when they are in possession of the talking stick (to borrow from an Aboriginal Peoples model).

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With the aid of formal education and life experiences that we go through, I believe that we learn invaluable lessons and can educate our patients in an efficient manner. That kind of experience was very beneficial for me since I got an opportunity to see the other side of life. A whole thing helps me to interact with family members. I have a lot of pride of what. Nurses need to be at optimal health to care for patients while making the patient the focus of care given. Neuman sees the person/patient as a total open system in interaction with the internal and external environments. Health is an equilibrium stage of the persons existence. It also states that it is the teachers responsibility to create a learning situation where students can express their subjectivity (Van Nuland, 2001). This belief represents a combination of three different schools of educational philosophy: Existentialism, Idealism and Realism.