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Girls who code core values essay

girls who code core values essay

Their values did not align with their day-to-day work. We believe, and research supports, that girls who grow up surrounded by women in computer science will see that field as a potential pathway for themselves. Id never had a clear way to put it into words until I read the book, but this resonated with me so much that I added it to my list of personal values. A Personal, values, definition, what are personal values? It can sometimes be tough to tell when someone is sharing their Truth, but if you sense someone might be doing so, I try to shut. Over time, I find that I am getting better at internalizing the values and they express themselves subconsciously with smaller decisions, as well.

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And Ill learn a lot more if Im curious about their movie rather than simply projecting my own. Even though pharmaceutical companies were injecting a lot of money into the field, geneticists believed doing the very best science on a day-to-day basis led to more benefits for the general public, the pharmaceutical companies, their universities, and. This is a term inspired by a phrase used in The Black Swan that immediately resonated with. For a period of my life, that really was a core value and I prioritized my life around. Your personal values are specific to you and a result of your own life experiences. All successful people have values that allow them to achieve their goals. Increase Exposure To Women And Other Underrepresented Minorities In Tech Research indicates that exposure to innovation leads children to become inventors themselves. When Im being listened to with unconditional positive regard I feel I can share my deepest truth and the person Im with wont freak out or stop caring about. In the last few years, though, Ive come to value spending time getting to know the people already in my life more than meeting new people and seeing new places, so I took it off my list. Silence, my friend Nicole once told me, When someone is sharing their Truth, you shut.

Note: If youd like to skip straight to the full list of personal values, click here. Yes, and, my favorite rule from theatrical improvisation is yes, and. Girls, who, code, policy Agenda, girls, who, code has been leading efforts to close the gender girls who code core values essay gap in tech for seven years. Research shows that this is a time where girls interest is high and it is easiest to convert this interest into a lifelong passion for computer science. Write down at least. David Augsberg, i try to listen in my sessions more than I speak. Girls Who Code acknowledges and values the intersections of race/ethnicity, gender identity and expression, class, sexual orientation, ability, age, national origin, and religious/spiritual identities.

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TL;DR, making a core values list takes 15 minutes and will help you make better decisions. We believe in speaking up, being forthright, and saying what you mean. But what kind of listening? Girls, who, code is putting forth four (4) policy recommendations for lawmakers across the country committed to closing the gender gap in tech. Existing public policies do not do enough to adequately measure and address the gender imbalance in K-12 computer science classrooms because they focus almost exclusively on increasing access. Our programs also welcome people who identify as non-binary or gender nonconforming and want to be in a female-identified environment. I believe the highest form of ethics is to take on risk for others. In that sense, the decision didnt matter. Your values are always changing and youre also getting a better idea of what you value. In fact, sometimes its exactly right. O community o inspiration o money o intellectual status o financial gain o laughter o serenity o physical challenge o responsibility o competition o career o fame o working with others o freedom o security o strength o self-control.

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Track and Report Data on Computer Science Participation. One of my values is that I have soul in the game. We are optimistic about our goals because, while this work is hard, its also possible. Girls -First Leadership: At Girls Who Code, our work starts and ends with our girls. Save the Top 5 values on your list someplace where you can look at them and update them. The imbalance that starts in middle school and high school continues into the workforce.

girls who code core values essay

Want a step-by-step guide to finding your personal values for the first time? Having soul in the game girls who code core values essay is going a step further: taking on risk for others. Assuming youre human, the answer to either of those questions is yes. We believe that all girls are creative and able to make a positive impact on the world through computer science. We recommend incorporating computer science participation into existing reporting infrastructure and using existing standards and definitions for computer science courses. This gives them a constant sense of motivation, because they see how the work they are doing today leads to a long-term vision that they find meaningful. Agency: to choose how I live and behave and help others do likewise; to be self-supportive and choose my own way of doing things. One of the values I recently added to my list was: Impact : to exert myself into the universe in a way that I believe is important.

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Some of them may be helpful to you, but others certainly wont. I work for what I want, not what others want from. Acceptance: to be open to and accepting of myself, others, life, etc. Pick a time when you can regularly review them. This may sound egotistical and you may disagree with. However, by adopting a value system without much thought, its easy to hold personal values that lead to a conflict between what you say you believe and the actions you take. By capitalizing on early opportunities to expand the common perception of who can or should be a computer scientist, we can make strides in closing the gender and racial gaps in computing. Male students are encouraged to pursue computer science more often than female students.

Whenever I hear something that really resonates with me, I will add it to my list. There is dangerously little data about girls in K-12 computer science education, a critical time for driving interest and exposure to the field. We see a real opportunity to expand on the impact of our programs and to close the gender gap within a generation by working with policymakers at the state and national levels. Ill give some examples of personal values from my own life to help you get started in figuring out your own. Economy, and are expected to grow by more than half a million by 2026. Regularly looking over them keeps them fresh in your mind and lets you make decisions that align with your values. Youve probably worked for a company that had a list of core values posted somewhere, but they didnt seem to make any impact on the way the company was actually run. Now that you have a list of values, you want to put it to work. Our existing programs, combined with a commitment to these policy recommendations from policymakers across the country would guarantee not only a more equitable future for the.S. Core Values We believe that all girls have the interest and ability to learn to code. Research, however, shows that girls often do not take computer science in high school if they did not take it before the end of middle school. Educational Philosophy The central belief of the Girls Who Code Educational Philosophy is that all girls are capable of becoming computer scientists. Two Ways to Discover Your Personal Values Most of us have values that we have adopted from other pre-packaged sources, like a religion, culture, or legal system.

girls who code core values essay

Most journalists had entered the field with high ideals about truth, making a difference, and the free press. Quality: We know the quality of the work we do is important. You need to have a list of personal values to refer. Listening "Being listened to is so close to being loved that most people cant tell the difference. Whats more, unless we engage the untapped source of female talent to fill computing jobs, the.S. Remember that there are no objectively right or wrong answers. Typically, reading through my core values list makes it obvious to me what the right answer. At Girls girls who code core values essay Who Code, were all working together toward a common vision and we believe collaboration is the key to getting there. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement Girls Who Code is an organization that values diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential to our mission. Decades-old stereotypes, however, about who can and should be a computer scientist still prevent girls at this age from enrolling in courses, irrespective of access.

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Girls Who Code focuses our work not only on gender diversity but also on young women who are historically underrepresented in computer science fields, specifically girls who: Come from underrepresented minority groups, including African American/Black, Hispanic or Latina, Bi/ Multiracial, Native American/Alaskan. If a student says to me, So I broke up with my boyfriend last week, I try not to say, Oh, Im so sorry, thats awful, because. Our work equips, inspires and educates girls to use technology to change the world. We approach our work with humility, curiosity, and an open mind. Candor: Communicating with integrity, compassion and an openness to giving and receiving feedback are the building blocks of a healthy, creative culture. In cases where I picked the seemingly riskier choice, I became very engaged in the project and while I was working on it, my capabilities grew to be able to actually do it well. Look at them regularly. These projects ended up being more successful and helping more people. This meant I did poor quality work, and the project ended up not being very good for my own career or for my customers. The terms on the list above are just a starting point and not an exhaustive list. Look through this list of personal values and make a note of each one that resonates with you by writing it down. By adopting courage as a core principle, I was able to identify that repeated failure pattern in myself and fix. One study, by Stanford professor Raj Chetty, indicates that if girls were as exposed to female inventors as often as boys are to male inventors, the gender gap in innovation would be half as large as it currently.

Look through this list of examples of personal values and pick five that resonate with you. Counselors should also undergo training to ensure that they are encouraging girls to enroll in computer science and the disciplines prerequisites. Which will be most beneficial to my career? I also make these decisions more quickly and efficiently than I did before. So Ill ask something like, Hows that going for you? And its essential to the brainstorming process. But sitting is great. So how do you decide what to say yes to? Fund Gender Inclusion Training Within Professional Development Educators and school leaders are gatekeepers to ensuring that girls enroll in computer science classes, and guaranteeing that they encounter welcoming and inclusive environments within those classrooms. Also, it can sometimes feel awkward to simply sit beside a student while s/he is writing. Then I would start working on the project, and because it didnt really stretch me, I would get bored or feel like I wasnt reaching for what I was capable.

And I want my students to feel this way too. I look at mine every Saturday morning, which is when I do my weekly review and planning. Allowing someone time to process-either aloud or while writing-while I sit and simply hold space is a gift. If you have a time in your week, month, or year where you regularly do any sort of planning, reviewing your core values is a good activity to tack. I was deciding between two books I wanted to write, and the truth is that girls who code core values essay both of them matched up with my core values. 74 percent of women working in computing were exposed to computing in middle school. As such, a key factor in maintaining girls interest in computer science is providing female role models who can combat the perception of computer science as a career option only for men. Tech jobs are the fastest growing occupations in the.S.

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An example of a value would be: Self-development : to keep growing, advancing, or improving in knowledge, skills, character, or life experience This value could help you answer questions like Should I take a slightly higher. So go for. I have a steering wheel, a brake, and an accelerator, so I can steer, slow down, or ramp up a session when necessary. Impact: to exert myself into the universe in a way I believe is important. Saying no closes doors precisely when we want to throw open as many as possible. But the decline of the family-run newspaper and rise of corporate media empires made journalism a profit center where all that mattered was sales, which meant good journalism was bad for business and was replaced by scare stories, exaggeration, and scandal. English learner status, free and reduced lunch eligibility to establish a clear picture of progress and areas for improvement. Courage: to be courageous or brave; to persist in the face of fear, threat, or difficulty; to take risks for others. The phrase soul in the game probably doesnt mean anything to you, but it means a lot.

girls who code core values essay