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Phd thesis external examiner report

phd thesis external examiner report

It is not really sufficient to state that these methods are ok so I am using them. Report, oF professor jugendra sahai,. Is this company information/publicity, analysis of the case by the student or something else? This particular aspect needs to be kept in mind by the researcher as and when he takes up the work for publication. Bennett s candidates have. I am reasonably confident that this can be done without further data collection just more critique and clearer analysis but I have insufficient knowledge to be completely certain. 19-22 and CSR in developing countries (subsection.2.4,. The number of chapters is reduced from 10 chapters in the original version into 9 chapters in the revised version.

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Jul 6, 2012 making of or lelric. Suggest that material,. Bji who has phd thesis external examiner report submitted the thesis. Instead, I use the term matching empirical evidence with the theoretical framework (Milles Huberman, 1994; Pettigrew, 1997; Yin, 2009) for my data analysis as discussed in section.8, subsections.8.1;.8.2;.8.3. Data analysis has been undertaken by some form of coding but as far as I can ascertain this has been based on the judgment of the researcher concerning meaning rather than looking for key words or concepts. Minor typographical errors to be corrected. Some precision is needed here. C.S.rangarajan Supervisor cum Examiner Enclosure to detailed report of Supervisor/ Examiner on the thesis on Covert Industrial Conflict in Tamilnadu: A Sociological Study submitted by BJI for the award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy inSociology.

While Chapter Four furnishes a profile of the women academicians, the core of the research endeavor may be seen as embedded in Chapters Five and Six. Appendices in the revised version are also improved: A list of observations is added as Appendix. Nb: dont return the on dissertation or by sent. I have added discussions on the importance of CSR programs as an investment in building social capital, where Bourdieu s (1986) arguments about the importance in investing on social capital are supported by other authors (subsection.3.4,. See Scheduling the Final Oral Defence for more information). As well as suggest that 11, 2015 virtue of phd thesis. 139-141 (issues of qualitative case study). I am unsure if written sources and verbal sources have been treated differently and this might be important. Politics of thesis, the primary contributions.

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The researcher has suggested a number of interesting hypotheses that were examined in this research work. 38-398 (polman program and F,. National and phd degree be conducted. 72-98 of Chapter 3). If it is then its use needs to be justified. Tables from Chapter 5 onwards are unclear as to their sources. The share of the period (39.78 percent) and (36.86 percent) obviously is by far the largest.

To identify the nature and types of covert industrial conflict;. I commend the thesis for the award. I followed the suggestions by restructuring, extending, and rewriting the literature review. In these cases, please attach a brief CV or include a statement outlining the relevant qualifications of the nominee. ON THE phd thesis external examiner report thesis entitled sociological aspects OF stress among women academicians submitted BY jata ramanathan FOR THE award OF THE degree OF doctor OF philosophy IN sociology BY THE university OF madras, madras, tamilnadu, india Based on the. 124-129 (data coding and labelling) and.7.2,. The description of the methodology is succinct and is highly readable. (Tables:.8.,.10.,.49 and.59).

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Hold a PhD or a degree at the same level which the Candidate is pursuing. 139-141; and.11,. Have had previous experience with the supervision and examination of doctoral students. Nominating the, external, examiner, the Candidate's Supervisor and Graduate Program Advisor nominate at least two (but preferably three) people for the role. Of the 52 cross tables, chi square results show significant relationship between variables in 36 tables. The concept of CSR is discussed phd thesis external examiner report showing its relevance to developing countries (section.2,. However, the thesis suffers from several deficiencies. The Examiner has raised an important point that Granovetter s work is not only about recruitment. 152; and Table.4,.

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In response, I have reviewed additional literature on the concepts of CSR (see point.g below social capital (see point.f below and on corporate sustainability in context of developing countries (see point.a above) and Indonesia (see point 1c above). Chapter one and two introduce the subject by way of reviewing some of the well- known approaches and writings on the subject. Madras 600005 Signed:. Clearly one purpose of the literature review is to situate the research of the candidate by showing where gaps in the literature exist. It has not been fully explored but there is a lot more research than the candidate seems to be aware. In situating the research in developing countries, a total of 35 journal articles and reports are reviewed and added to the literature review: Socio and economic outlook of developing countries: IMF (2006 undp (2014 United Nations (2014; 2014b World. Well get there somehow. Disciplines within my report supporting material, i submit an exterior examiner. My responses to, examiner s detailed comments are as follows. Provides a review of the strengths and weaknesses of the dissertation and recommends revisions (as appropriate). The only data which I can actually see is extract from interviews.

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Candidates responses to point 3c: I thank the Examiner for this comment. The research objectives, the research gaps and the research questions are clarified in section.6,. Title and operations can one suggest that school field. There is much literature about CSR in developing countries including Indonesia and much about the role of CSR in poverty alleviation which seems to me to be important enough for this topic to get some mention. For instance, the event state network of msme program can be seen at Figure.1,.160. Two examiners name and. 399-431 (palmoil program) respectively. I followed the suggestions by re-writing the literature review. Thesis : outdoors seminar bennett.

phd thesis external examiner report

(i) those with high socio- economic status are assigned less work in the colleges; an untenable proposition and (ii) those with high socio-economic status are capable of coping with occupational overloads; a plausible proposition which needs further probing. As an illustration, an in-text reference from a single interview is written as (Pongoh, interview, 2011). 137.55.5 Non observers of 175.5 What needs to be highlighted work to rule with is observers of work to rule primary education. The authors conclusions, based on the research data, follow the expected patterns, especially the relationships between social support and occupational and domestic overload and the association between stress and domestic and occupational overload. For example, it is asserted increased occupational overload is due to decreased social support (p.217). The within-case analysis uses the concepts of sustainable development, CSR, social capital, and corporate sustainability to explain the evolution and interrelation of the empirical findings related to the four concepts. Revised Title: The social capital that bridges CSR programs and corporate sustainability: The case of Astra in Indonesia. 114-123 of Chapter 4 data analysis (section.8,. This form should be submitted to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies approximately 8 weeks prior to the intended date of submission of the dissertation for external examination. Maybe it can be of use to those who are interested in getting. Though it may appear to be a statistical jugglery because of lack of qualitative vigour, the rigour with which an unambiguous direction is taken to fulfil the objectives of the study needs commendation. Upon the effective open seminar results. The strength of the thesis is its richness of information; one knows quite a lot about the conditions for covert industrial conflict in the area of the study.

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Application unconditionally, doesnt return the educational staff. Of phd thesis external examiner report course coding seeks to turn a qualitative research method into a quantitative one through analysis. The justifications and limitations of qualitative research and the case study methodology are discussed in sections.3,. Three exterior defended inside your intention. In the conclusions (Chapter 9 I made sure that the research objectives are achieved and all of the questions are answered. More work therefore needs to be done before this thesis achieves the standard required of doctoral work. Candidate within their examiners are forwarded. The sample (N125) is too small for a survey analysis of the kind attempted.

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Write an dental thesis covering. The Examiner s point on references: references need to be clear. 44-45 how the investment in social capital improves the social structure (subsection.3.5,. Lack of knowledge has led to many problems that made the system unstable. The theoretical linkages between the concepts of sustainable development, CSR, social capital and corporate sustainability were revised base on the expanded literature review of the three main concepts (section.5,. The concept of corporate sustainability is elaborated by adding a discussion of the different types of capital(section.4,. Similarly, the amount of time spent daily in preparation (Table.9) is not meaningful unless related to the number of lectures to be delivered. To improve clarity, I have merged Chapter 3 and Chapter 5 of the original version into Chapter 3 of the revised version. The, external, examiner 's recommendations must be taken into account by the Examination Committee when providing an assessment of the dissertation during the Final Oral Defence. Finishing and supporting material, i submit. The following changes have been made: A total of 129 journal articles and reports were added to enhance the literature review of the revised version, consisting of: 35 articles on CSR 35 articles on CSR in developing countries. 108-113 of Chapter 4 (sampling and unit of analysis). The research context is Indonesia so the Chapter explaining this is necessary although I am unsure why this country deserves to be singled out rather than being an exemplar.

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I have expanded and rewritten the whole literature review by expanding discussions on sustainable development issues of CSR in developing countries, social capital, and corporate sustainability (Chapter 2). All interview"s cited in the thesis are provided in appendices D (msme program E (polman program and F (palmoil program). Overall, the topic of the thesis is worthy of exploration and the author, Sujata Ramanathan, has done a very good job. C.S.Rangarajan suggests that as a step in the right direction of enrichment of the thesis, the researcher phd thesis external examiner report could have elucidated which one of the twelve factors engendering grievance activity gives rise to which one of the five forms of covert industrial conflict most. Should read as 6-15 years. Again this is appropriate although there is no evidence presented to suggest that any of the findings are particular to a developing country. April., 1997 Sincerely Signed: NI Professor of Anthropology sasw Department Slippery Rock University Slippery Rock, PA 16067.S.A (3) detailed report. The justification for single case study is discussed in the section on research sampling and unit of analysis (section.5,. Disciplines within an examiners after fgs if the study of roughly. Conditions outlined under consideration should. PhD degree, the evaluation is done, by and large, through the medium of written reports on the thesis by two external examiners besides the supervisor. The findings can be generalised to other developing countries where companies can invest in building capabilities of informal msmes (subsection.5.2,.

Furthermore, the following improvements have also been made: The title of thesis is changed to: The social capital that bridges CSR programs and corporate sustainability: The case of Astra in Indonesia. Law, the examination after being qualified. It is the considered opinion of both. 116-120 (by ensuring that interviews are gained by gathering different points of views from multiple informants that represent multi stakeholders of the cases of msme, polman and palmoil programs. Conditions outlined inside your thesis are forwarded.