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Causes of the cuban revolution essay

causes of the cuban revolution essay

If you can't find what you need here, you can order it from our long time sponsor The Paper Store. 2, this was the groundwork to communist society and Marx believed that people would prefer industry that isnt privately run and they wouldnt be reliant on wealth in their society, unlike American society where they strived on wealth to achieve the American dream. However, in terms of the origins of the Cold War and developing the reasons on the extent of conflicting ideologies, a date must firstly be considered. Geoffrey Roberts looks at the breakdown of this alliance and the deterioration of the personal relationships between them. The creation of the atomic bomb brought the war to a whole new level not only between the two main contenders of the competition but for the rest of the world .

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Between 1956 to 1959, Fidel Castro, Ernesto Che Guevera, and his younger brother Rual used the tactic Guerilla warfare to fight against Batistas army at Mount Sierra Maestra in Cuba where he gained support from the local framers. During the crisis, President John. This act was causes of the cuban revolution essay seen by some of American politician as an invitation to start war. Furthermore, Batista was a corrupted dictator, and a pro western ruler. The Cold war between the Communist Russia and Capitalist America was evident right up until 1989 when the destruction of the Berlin wall was enforced.

This period of alliance between the powers shows cooperation but also shows deterioration in the aftermath of World War Two. However, there seems to be some debate between the historians on the date of the start of the Cold War. The unity of the superpowers during World War Two was, as Geoffrey Roberts describes, a period of cooperation, not confrontation, 7, adding to this, post World War Two saw the superpowers compete for what they both believed. Kennedy and the excomm, the Committee of the national Security. The Crisis and the Resolution. During the meeting, he refused to accept USA financial support because he believed that it would continue the USA influence in Cuba.

The Bay of Pigs invasion was the last Eisenhower administration plan, which took action during Kennedy presidency (Rich 2003,p. Therefore, after the crisis, there was a temporary period of d├ętente, the period that the cold war heat cools down (Billingsley.7). Earl Edmondson look at the Russian perspective of the origins causes of the cuban revolution essay of the Cold War. However, the distribution of wealth was not equally distributed. Therefore the tension between personal relationships did not stop between the two superpowers but extended to their allies, creating an ideological crisis alongside a desire by both the communist and capitalist parties to balance the power. Robert Kennedy assured that the President would remove the missiles in Turkey (Weimasma, Larson 1997,. The treaty forbidden the testing of nuclear weapons on the earth surface, space, and underwater (Rich 2003,.427).

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As a result, in 1960, Cuba trade with the USA declined to 0; while, trade with the ussr increased to 43 (Leogrande Thomas 2002, p 325-363). Furthermore, the treaty caused the relation between the ussr and China to decline. If the USA could deploy missiles in Turkey and Italy, the ussr could also deploy missiles in Cuba, which was ninety miles away from the USA (ibid). After the Cuban Missile Crisis, most of the USs oversea policy was focused on the Americanization of Vietnam and the Vietnam War, which required full attention from the USA military resources (Rich 2003,. This is why the development of nuclear power not only brought tension between the superpowers, but also left the rest of the world hoping that a nuclear war would not arise as a consequence of the political battle between the USA and the ussr. In order to establish personal relationships as a cause of the Cold war the grande alliance must be pointed out. Some browsers use CtrlB. Therefore it was this push for a balance of power between the USA and the ussr that caused the Cold War to start in 1945. The main causes of the crisis were the Soviet Union hidden agendas and the Cuban insecurity, which was caused by the United States of America.

Geoffrey Roberts describes this doctrine as a signal of American determination to resist further Soviet expansion . Otherwise, Russia would have to of given into the American power, as America would have been stronger in terms of material establishment. If you like to submit your essay to the list below. The Cold War saw battles for a balance of power through the arms race which was a battle for the amount of nuclear power they each possessed. However, once Hitler had been defeated the unity between them had vanished, consequently leading them to focus more on their own ideologies and causes of the cuban revolution essay in terms of the Soviet Union, expanding their sphere of influence across the world. Personal relationships obviously attributed to the origins of the Cold War, as it was the leaders of these two superpowers that pursued their ideological differences and the balance of power resulting in the Cold War.

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As a result, a hotline was installed between the USAs president and the ussrs chairman (ibid). On October 27, one day after Khrushchev second letter was sent, the USs U-2 plane was shot down in Cuba. These political and economic oppressions from Batiste and the USA inspired Fidel Castro, the charismatic revolution leader, to revolt for reforms (Rich 2003,. Neil Fernandez looks at Marxs description of communism in 1875. America made sure that this would not happen by providing aid and financial loans to those poverty stricken countries that could potentially fall to communism. Therefore, conflicting ideologies were not the causes of the Cold War but the reasons for both superpowers to carry on pursuing a political battle for a balance of power. In terms of the creation of nuclear power, further tensions between the superpowers can also be seen later on in the Cold War, when Russia held their nuclear weapons in Cuba, a country only 90miles away from the. It was these post-war settlements that led to the conflicting ideologies and the desire for a balance of power to return. The conflicting ideologies of both sides were their reasons for continuing in this battle for power. Kennedy announced to the media that the Cubans had deployed missiles against the USA with the aid from the ussr.

According to many scholars, he was afraid of national resistance from the government and the American citizens as well as losing support from them (Weimasma, Larson 1997,. Communist leader Stalin was interested in expanding the communist sphere by setting up satellite states which were countries that were dominated politically and economically by Russia and the red army. However, Robert Kennedy, John. After the crisis, the ussr removed missiles from Cuba under the UN supervision in exchanged for the USA to remove the Jupiter missiles in Turkey, and to never invade Cuba. Furthermore, the USA put a very strict controlled on Cuban sugar production. However, in contrast to this, America wanted influence in Europe to stop these European countries falling to communism. America saw this as an immediate direct threat. We know the list might seem a little long. The majority of people were illiterate, and the mortality rate was very high because the health care system was not extended to the poor in the rural areas, who remained in poverty (Mabry 2003). However, there was a desire between them for a balance of power, not only in the origins of the Cold War but throughout the developments too, which is what consequently led to a war that took over the majority of the twentieth century. Russias economy had also been financially ruined as a result of World War Two, therefore whilst America was funding the invention of nuclear power in their country, Russias attempts to keep up resulted in them spending much more higher percentage. If your browser doesn't support forms, you can also send your essay with your full name, e-mail and a short description of essay.

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Important: Most essays are saved.doc format. However, the reasons to why the superpowers wanted influence in Europe differed. 5, this perspective recognises that the Bolshevik revolution introduced communism to Russia and the initial threat of communism to Capitalist America. Adding to this, Americas allies, Britain, were also threatened by communism and this can be seen in Winston Churchills iron curtain speech of 1956 where he states and iron curtain has descended across the continent. . Impacts, the Cuban Missiles Crisis left several impacts on the USA and the ussr foreign policy. He believed that it would protect the Cuban national pride. One of the assassination plots that actually causes of the cuban revolution essay took place was a strafe in Havana hotel by Alpha 66, which killed several Cubans and Soviet technicians (Brenner 1990,.121).

causes of the cuban revolution essay

Moreover, the Cuban intelligent discovered that the CIA planed another invasion on Cuba, Operation Mongoose, which would be more substantial than the previous invasion. Neither America nor Russia was willing to let the other become more powerful, this again looks at the desire for a balance of power between the powers. If they had confronted each other, the use of nuclear weapons could have happened. It was the events after World War Two, combined with the tense relations between leaders that led to the Cold War. The USA also controlled Cuban import", divided lands in to estates, and forced the Cuban farmers to grow monoculture crop, which was sugar (Dye Sicotte 2011,.674). Why would he need to do it secretly? The fact that the Bolsheviks enforced communism in Russia in 1921 was a result of conflicting ideologies between the Tsarists and the Bolsheviks. He was accommodated by Nixon, who was the vice president at that time. The letter proposed that the ussr would remove missiles from Cuba if the USA removed the Jupiter missiles from Turkey and, and that JFK must make a promise in front of the public that the USA would never invade Cuba (Thinkquest. If other countries trade with Cuba, they would not receive financial causes of the cuban revolution essay aids from the USA. As a result, one hundred people were killed and thousands of people were taken as political prisoners. In other words, the idea that the communist Cuba could influence other Latin America countries to transform their political systems to communism was intolerable for the USAs standard (Ferguson 1961, 288-290).

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Click here to learn more. Levering and Verena Botzenhart-Viehe put the emphasis on how the events after World War Two, particularly the power vacuum in Europe started the Cold War as this led to a breakdown in the grande alliance. Therefore the Cold War was inevitable to the extent that the superpowers would have clashed at some point. The first impact was the increase in communication between the US and the ussr. The Bolsheviks were a Marxist faction who wanted to impose Marxist communism upon Russia, whereas the Tsarist regime was very much a dictatorship in which Tsar Nicholas II ruled. They may contain macros which could have viruses. And they are all free!

The differences between the two superpowers led to the world being split into two halves. Thus, there should be hidden agendas under Khrushchevs actions. Khrushchev introduced his Destalinisation policy which ultimately tried to undo everything Stalin had achieved, consequently leading to the gradual breakdown of communism in Russia. The balance of power is also seen here as the origins of the Cold War, as in retaliation to Americas atomic bomb, Stalin set up a special committee to spy in America in order to allow Russia to create. Prior to the Crisis, the Cuban Revolution, began in 1956, was the outcome of extensive economic oppression of Cuba by the USA. However, the treaty itself was futile because it did not stop the built up of nuclear weapons, and prevent China from obtaining the nuclear weapons on the following year (Rich 2003,.

Roosevelt and Stalin almost agreed to causes of the cuban revolution essay disagree in terms of the making of the alliance. On January 1959, Castro and his troops were able to overthrown Batista and his government. Because of the crisis, both superpowers had realized that they needed to improve communication between the two countries to prevent any forms of crisis from occurring again (Rich 2003,.425). America feared that if the Soviet Union expanded into Western Europe, then it could threaten American democracy. S, enter your topic here: We have over 80,000 Essays and Papers ready to download NOW! Furthermore, during the 50s and the 60s the US had advanced the ussr in terms of the arm race, therefore, Khrushchev decided to deploy missiles in Cuba as a mean to for the ussr to reach symmetry with the. In order for the Cuban government to protect Cuba sovereignty, they believed that they need military aids from the ussr (Brenner 1990,. Use your own head. Truman thought that the countries that had been economically damaged due to the war would turn to communism. Truman pumped money into co-operative nations 9 to stop them falling to communism. If relations between leaders had been more successful, then it could be suggested that the Cold War would never have led to a battle taking over the twentieth century.

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Moreover, because of the potential confrontation between the two superpowers, which could lead to nuclear war, President Kennedy began to favor the idea of coexistence (Billingsley,.6). The Cuban Missiles Crisis was a very important part of the world history because of the risk of nuclear war that could lead to the destruction of the world. All essays are copyrighted and may only be downloaded for personal use. Gaddis refers to this unity between the powers as a single planet shared by superpowers who shared the means of wiping each other out but who now also shared an interest in each others survival. . On October 22 John. On the surface, Roosevelt and Stalin seemed to have a good relationship in dealing with foreign affairs. The ideological crisis was woven into the tapestry of inter war politics and international relations at every level. In terms of conflicting ideologies, the ones that developed after World War Two are the ones that are most significant to the extent of causing the Cold War.

causes of the cuban revolution essay

Visit m to see how we can help you! As a result, there was a period of detente, and agreement of the Nuclear Test Treaty Ban, which was signed by the USA and the ussr. This put Russia on top in terms of the balance of power and in retaliation to this America placed nuclear missiles in Turkey. But, in contrast to this, during the origins of the Cold War Stalin made clear his policies for expansion in Europe which is what caused the threat to America, resulting in the Cold War. The impacts of the Cuban Missile Crisis were the improvement in communication between the USA and the ussr. Our advice is that you should not open with macros if your word processor asks you. This includes the personal relationships between the leaders of the two superpowers. Moreover, in 1959, the US installed Jupiter and Thor missiles, intermediate-range ballistic missiles, in Turkey, which pointed directly at the ussr.

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Therefore, it is very fascinating to identify what happen before the crisis, the causes, the actual events in the crisis, and the impacts of the crisis (Rich 2003, 416-428). Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! This is why, after the creation of the Berlin Wall, it was not only the two conflicting powers that were involved, but the whole world. However, Stalin success was limited later by his successor Khrushchev, as they had different ideologies in terms their relationship with the satellite states. After the victory of fascism, the big three turned their attention towards the post-war settlements.

Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! Kennedy and Chairman Khrushchev exchanged many letters before the resolution could be made. However, the conflicting ideologies would make it almost impossible for either superpower to ignore the threat from the other side. Marx describes how communism could be broken down into stages, and how people would not be competing with each other to get hold of things they needed or wanted. . It seemed that the confrontation between the ussr and the US could happen anytime (Weimasma, Larson 1997,. However, the ussrs cargo ships did not turn back, but its cargo ships did not break the USA quarantine. Therefore the conflicting ideologies between the superpowers have been highlighted to be a significant contribution to the Cold War and its developments but not as causes to why the Cold War began. However, the creation of the American atomic bomb must also be addressed in order to fully portray the extent of conflicting ideologies to the origins causes of the cuban revolution essay of the Cold War. Kennedys younger brother, advised the President not to use air strike because there was no way to guarantee that the air strike could remove all of the missiles from Cuba.