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Corporal punishment should be banned essay

corporal punishment should be banned essay

The next millennium, it is time we modernize our punishments of criminals just as we have modernized every other aspect of our. There was a time in our history when 'we the people' also excluded corporal punishment should be banned essay slaves, women, Native Americans, and immigrant groups as well as children. They would refrain from such crimes due to fear of losing their lives. I would argue that social scientists cannot really prove that corporal punishment causes resentment or that it causes kids to become more violent. . It is horrible that teachers should hit and injure children for doing something wrong. Corporal punishment is different from abuse. I totally agree with you. I don't see a big problem for having it at all!

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If teachers beat children, they dont have the right to teach them in schools. I would argue that there were actually fewer discipline problems back in the old days when corporal punishment was more common. There have been cases where people were released after being given death sentence, because they were proved innocent. It's a prejudice known as ageism. Many of us find it extremely difficult to entertain the notion that children should be granted the same basic human rights that we demand for ourselves. They know what happens if you touch the burner and won't ever do it again. This type of thinking predominates in spite of the fact that it would seem logical to grant children a greater leniency and tolerance with regard to their daily behavior. They dont have the right to. Giving badges or points will make students encourage to do well in the school. No one has the right to beat any child.

If it were my child I would immediately take my child out of that school and report the teacher. Many children don't go to school because they are to scared to get hurt. Amnesty International reports that 141 countries have, as of May 2012, abolished capital punishment in law or practice. This prejudicial attitude stands as the major obstacle in the way of children becoming viewed as sufficiently worthy of being considered viable members of the human race along with the rest. Well that's the general rule of thumb.

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It should not be a teachers job. We should strive to progress beyond the inhumanity of socially accepted ageism in the same way that we've already progressed beyond the inhumanity of socially accepted racism, misogyny, and homophobia. The death penalty is a capital punishment corporal punishment should be banned essay that is put into effect for major crimes. Corporal punishment teaches kids not to do something again because they're aware of the consequences. A person who has committed a crime like killing or raping another person should be given death penalty, which is as severe punishment as the act. Why use corporal punishment? This discriminatory inequity is the reflection of a prejudice against minor children on a societal level. Rather than spending on a person who may again commit terrifying crime, it is better to put him to death. But, given this circumstance, I would like to ask, "What makes you more susceptible to being abused than a child?" You can state that you don't deserve to be hit, but so would any child.

Death penalty is equated as revenge for pain and suffering that the criminal inflicted on the victim. I am totally in the favour of its ban. The teachers don't paddle someone for no reason, they've done their wrong. Death penalty is prevalent in the US, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Of corporal punishment should be banned essay course, I am not suggesting that anyone should be subjected to physical pain. All the way I agree with it!

It also serves even if you aren't hit, you learn from others mistakes. Typically, these excuses have included striking the offenders for 'defiance 'disobedience or 'safety issues'. Hitting children would instill in them that violence is an acceptable way to get what you want, and will come to school in fear. There is also a chance that an individual is innocent and is wrongly charged for a crime he has never committed. Also, keeping criminals in jail is claimed to be a big source of waste of tax-payers hard-earned money, which could be used for other more important issues of society, such as funding for education, health and social security. You can say that you are 'responsible' for your kids as a justification for hitting them, just as I can take corporal punishment should be banned essay the position that a man is responsible for his wife and should, therefore, have the right. Some people find it difficult to conceptualize a more esteemed view of our young. There are so many other ways to punish or discipline a child (like grounding but there is no reason to hurt them.

For example, a kid burns themselves on a stove. It needs to corporal punishment should be banned essay be banned due to the mental and physical effects that it has on the children. I don't want to see children getting hurt from being hit by their teachers. Report Post, corporal punishment is abuse, the general idea of hitting a human, especially with a paddle, is assault if done to an adult, or child abuse if done to a child at home. Committed the crime unintentionally such as insanity or self-defense. Therefore, the deterring factor associated to capital punishment is heavily questioned by opponents, who claim that life imprisonment is much better, where the criminals could be made to muse over their crimes for the rest of their lives, instead. To execute 100 criminals and sentence them to prison for a life term than to execute single innocent person. People have different opinions on the issue of death penalty given to a convict.

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Unfortunately, we somehow fail to include children as a part of humanity. The racist views the targeted group as being 'inferior' and is assigned to a lower social-status, which is rationalized as justifiable. School is supposed to prepare you for the real world. On the other hand, opponents of the death penalty claim that if we execute a person, there will be no difference between us and the criminal who has committed the horrifying crime of killing another person. It seems to be an appropriate punishment for serial killers and for those who continue to commit crimes even after serving imprisonment. Even though I was alive years ago, that hitting a student with a paddle was allowed. They weren't injured just hit so they wouldn't do it again and learn from their mistake. But, no loving relationship is 'different' when it comes to treating a loved one in a violent manner. Report Post, corporal punishment in school is horrible. Decides the person should die, then they have just committed the same crime they just sentenced someone to die for, murder. Im a student and in my opinion the kids would learn from their mistakes, i see the kids in school and none of them have any discipline, i think it would be go reinforcer to help the youth in school.

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They are corporal punishment should be banned essay actually scared. Kids will not learn unless a real punishment is given. Using corporal punishment can have physical, mental, and emotional effects to students. I would argue that generations of children were subjected to corporal punishment and did not come out of it in any way warped by the experience. . The sad irony here is that young children are much more vulnerable to suffering emotional damage as the result of assaultive acts (including threats) than are we adults.

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Ok it is bad to beat a child. Most of us like that idea when it comes to interacting with other adults. That's not much of an argument. The basis for the problem lies with this type of man possessing a superior attitude toward women. It is said that imprisoning someone is more expensive than executing him. Who knows they could have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It seems to me that if anyone is deserving of physical pain as a means of punishment, it should be us adults rather than children. While some think that death penalty is necessary for those who have committed a terrible crime, there are others who consider it as an immoral act that goes against the values of humanity. They were simply being disciplined. Report Post, up to the parents.