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Essay on western expansion

essay on western expansion

True, the United States of Americas surge in industrial development and western expansion were indeed crucial factors that led to protests by farmers. There were many reasons for expansion into the west, and everybody had their own. (1986) Engines of change: the American industrial revolution, Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press Meyer,. Benton preferred gaining territory through occupation rather than conflict. The ethos enacted by the European ancestry justified the motives of the US leadership to confiscate the Indian terrorist for economic development (Reedy-Maschner and Maschner, 740). One supporter from this essay on western expansion point of view was Thomas Hart Benton. He felt that through more expansion, the.S. Why some people were treated worse than others and how beliefs influenced a lot of people on what they wanted to do and who they supported. For many years prior to the Civil War, the Northern states were forced to conform to the wayward policies instituted by the South. True to that, the United States experienced tremendous progress at the expense of the loss of land and culture of the Native Americans. Roosevelt wanted the.S. The Senate also decided to fund three continental railroads in accordance with the Transcontinental Railroad regulation.

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The confederate currency and bonds became useless depriving the South of a considerable portion of their money. He might not have had the most honest intentions, but he was driven to expand. The Northern States controlled congress after the Civil War all through to the 20th century resulting in higher tariffs and rates that promote industrial growth and agriculture (Kinnahan, 417). The South did not attract many individuals particularly the immigrants because of the lack of opportunities. There were many different people who supported this idea for many different reasons. The land policies instituted by the leaders disrupted the non-Indians and Indians. At this time the Mormons were feared because of their un-Christian ways. The emancipation of the bonded men and women also took away the Souths human resource and capital introducing the need to formulate a new labor system.

Other innovations such as the refrigerator allowed for preservation of the produce. Because of the land conflict and the necessary to take the land back, the Native American captured Mrs. The South thrived as an agricultural state with minimal industrial activities. Many socially rejected religious leaders on the other hand saw the expansion as freedom from persecution. The Southern cities thus remained financially poor and experienced slow population growth (Kinnahan, 411). There would be more room for settlers and immigrants to build homes. Since the Americans took over land, Mexican territory was secured and dominated, this was a sign of Americans taking over wealth. With an expanding economy came the need for more workers. Most of the fighting took place in the South destroying the essential infrastructure in the cities (Kinnahan, 410). Exchanging land for a lot of money can not happen anymore these days because people realize that money is just money and it is more valuable to have land that can be worked on and produced more.

All the required raw materials were abundant in the United States propelling industrial progress (Kinnahan, 417). His Son-in-Law followed in his footsteps and is well known for his conquests in California over the Spanish. Could become a very stable and powerful nation. Protests were held and many voiced their frustration at the economical change that seemed to have happened over night. Particularly, the northwest became essay on western expansion the industrial periphery of the nation controlling more than 85 percent of the United States processing and manufacturing of raw materials in the West and Midwest.

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Our countries leaders believed in Manifest Destiny, or the right to rule from the tip of the east to the western shores. Farmers found themselves unable to compete with this change. Its stable political structure, vast natural resources, and growth rate positioned it appropriately for continuous development. The essay on western expansion rise of the modern economy affected the native tribes that lived in the West. As the president, he had very much success in doing. The Western expansion during the 19th century was aided by various factors such as purchases, treaties, and wars with the native. Local family farms found themselves unable to keep up with the tide of new instruments. Some of these innovations included railroads which allowed the harvested agricultural products to reach the market more quickly. This onset of industrial boom occurred some time between the 18th century and the 20th century. Many immigrants moved to America to fill in the vacancies in the factories and other viable job opportunities. The Southern cities continued to rely on agriculture with the exception of the establishment of the steel and iron factory in Birmingham.

Also, because of the low population growth, there were no incentives expand industrial growth and essay on western expansion infrastructure. Mexican territory was was supposed to be decided by the people who now were part of the land. Although a lot of the methods used to expand were not quite honorable, they worked. Many chose to pursue a life in the west and resided there. The more business, the more money, the more power and economic stability. Essay Topic:, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Much of the land claimed by settlers in the Western region belonged Native American communities that had utilized it for centuries. Land became available in bulk over night. Thus greater production also led to lower costs for the said products on the agricultural market. This is evidenced by many different events that occurred during the time when industrialization was most in focus in the United States. Was to be strong. One such man, Brigham Young, was waiting for just such an opportunity.

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They decided that the Native American way was wrong, and that they had to save these people from themselves. I essay on western expansion learned a lot about the Western expansion in the Early America and how some of the events that occurred were justified. The acquisition of Alaska and Hawaii, though not included in the historical literature, signified the expansion of Americans westward maintaining the ideology of the Manifest Destiny. I learned why it was important to expand new lands. His ideas were used to create the Homestead Act of 1862, granting free land to settlers so long as they stayed on it for five years. Most of the economic growth in the region arose due to innovation and natural resources. The treaty of Hidalgo sets political boundaries and made some issues to deal with easier. However, despite this availability, farmers and farm labor decreased by at least 30 during this stage.

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Young determined to lead his followers far west, where church members could gather without interruption. Between 18, over 200 battles were fought between the Indians and the US Army in a bid to preserve their land. Without this agreement there would had still been conflict between what land belong to who. However, the states in the United States remained interconnected by the road and railway systems. Young was the leader of the Mormon church. Other religions wished to follow in the same footsteps. The industrialization of the agricultural industry meant new innovations, new machines. The countrys population more than doubled by the 1890 census.

In the years between 18, a modern industrial economy sprouted in the United States. 2 pages, 570 words, in the early years of the American government, expansion of the United States was a very big issue. By the end of the 18th century, the American farmers were enriching themselves and feeding the planet. The fist thing that should be tackled here in order for one to understand the truth behind the initial statement of this essay is the Western United States. In the early years of the American government, expansion of the United States was a very big issue. Our countries leaders believed in Manifest Destiny, or the right to rule from the tip of the east to the western shores. As the country grew and expanded, the American people where always one to push their bounds. In 1763, we proudly, defied England's proclamation. The settlers of the late 1800s had only one way to get to the west- along the pre-existing routes established by the courier-de-bois, Spanish settlers. Type of paper: Essays.